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This should be the last way line

Domenica, Settembre 7th, 2014

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Bellowing a voice is particularly sad and shrill, this that Fu.

This district one is obscure, the moon Gang breeze once blows, and the many people meat bone became mire and basically arrived to can not hold up against, was a strong weapon to also all become powder in momentary.


Suddenly, an aureate big hand is horizontal empty, mercilessly clapped to fall down, beat to collapse crack for a day a while, spread the moon Gang breeze earthquake, with absolute strength Cui Mo the black emperor’s way line.

“Mama of, too malicious, barehanded beat to collapse moon 亐 way line, this person is too terrible!”The black emperor frightenned a to greatly jump.

Leaf any they momentary escaped, but still canned hardly get away from the other party, the Xuan jade set head quarter was certainly lived by the other party, can not from ruin.

Continue to sail across unreal 78 times, that aureate big hand always can not get away from, is like a terrible nightmare and worry them.

Sail across unreal for the ninth time, appear a thou the battlefield is at the one, here red fire combustion, Yin spirit blunt sky, a lot of boneses all hang in the sky, Sen however matchless.

“Mama of, the way that I don’t believe that this emperor engraves line, can not hold up against them!”Big black dog also hasty eye, with meticulous care engrave next of of kill a field be one by one destroyed, let it feels the seriousness that settles a dispute feeling. Authentic Prada

“This is what line?”Leaf any asks a way.

“This is the ancient to kill a field to enchant sea one by one, the strong will drown among them, hard from pull out, will appear terrible intention to murder, Cui they.”

Leaf any they come out ancient to kill a field to enchant sea one by one, result the pursuing troops of the rear sailed across unreal to appear again.

The segment is virtuous to bellow 《”do not make track for to kill, you should see a Lei, I ain’t a Huang thou the saint rest, with any that bastard of leaf without relating to at 1:00.”

Ji bright moon and summer nine Yous and way one holy land young girl Taoist priest etc. person, and many persons of old generation have been already seen, he will never be leaf any.

But the others all attackstone against him with no stop, even if is some saint sons is also sneering at, force him the identity is from the report, way:”Who are you exactly?”

The ancient is killing a field to enchant sea one by one, suddenly intention to murder 100001000, the many people wears a way, summer nine Yous and Ji bright moon fought, and the segment is virtuous passive to start with a bad old headman trying very hard to.

Leaf any they stand on the jade on the stage and prepare the unreal of Huang Du, the black emperor sneers at a way 《”this emperor engraves of way line, how probably useless ……”


Unfortunately it hasn’t finished saying, that aureate big hand again appears and clap ground thou battlefield, enchant the sea be broken up Tu Fei to in a twinkling change countenance, way:”I knew that this is the old Peng king’s incarnation, we walk quickly, the old Peng king’s true body may arrive at any time.”

Leaf any also changed on the spot color, he gold wings little Peng Wang Shou walked, old Peng king just in the looking for of full world he, come to an incarnation at present no wonder.

“Hurriedly walk!”

It is the bewitching king who lets each big saint lord all want to be afraid of to is old to deceive a king, the real strenght terror is very and soon matchless, and has world, the difficult to ask for.

“Need not worry and kill a field after three way lines again, is that I engrave the ground of next ultimate end way lin Mens Prada Shoes Outlet e.”Big black plum way.

Rear, makes track for down of person already not much, this all the way many people be annihilated by the way line of big black dog, what to carry is very devious.

And then once connected 3 to kill a field, finally arrived the big black dog says of ultimate end the ground of the line, they quickly hurtle a jade set.

Big black dog way 《”go, absolute now safety!”The ray of light is one Shan, they disappear at first.

Leaf any at darkly in ask a way 《”you make sure us safety?This should be the last way line, if can not also get away from them, the result is so terrible we dares not thinks about it.”

“Trust good, as long as we leave, way the line will shut to match and re- evolve, only we can sail across unreal, will become a there square hopeless situation.”

seek the place of a mountain clear

Domenica, Settembre 7th, 2014

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Indeed as expected, that pure stone drive peacock with each other accept particularly, just and groundly don’t beg for is one Lou mentally dense Jing and q’s expecting AN isn’t a treasure to print an essence. “Want to immediately walk?”The old way really wants to return to stone Zhai, because the yonder stone anticipates to make him scared, probably the Yun has the thing that he needs. “Walk right away yes.”The peacock king’s absolute being reads to become one 67-year-old lightly youth, way:”I let demon clan monk come to this, be for leading to leave to come over in this shaking of region light saint lord, prepare to cut to kill him to think to halfway he has already got news, we had better quickly leave now.” “Like, I together go with you.”Red Long Lao Dao finishes saying and sweeps to see surroundings, lightly on trembling tunic Xiu, include leaf any at inside, several people show to turn to be from a shadow. Mostly is an all local small monk, because hear the action come over to look into, all meticulous at the moment, dare to kill the person of saint lord, in all the world have no severals. “You still as early as possible leave, here be not you can Chan and of.”Red Long Lao Dao lightly swept public one eye. “Red eldest brother dragon, we didn’t see in 1,500, the road was best to discuss so much!” Authentic Prada The ray of light gleams, the red Long Dao Ren, peacock king winks disappearance, and the bore Teng also quickly leaves. “Originally may with saint lord to definitely of person terror like this, let surprised regrets of people ……”"leaf any is from the language. The person who sees this Class every time begins, he has all new cognition and more understands to more feel that each big saint lord is terrible. The big black dog appears on the horizon, became together black light to run to come over and cursed a way:”Hurriedly walk, the malicious person like this makes this emperor feel great danger.” They quickly return to stone Zhai, while Wang Shu waited a person to also come back at this time, time was urgent, for quickly leaving here, leaf any is as secure as public company, accept into they the jade is clean bottle of in. And then, he presents Ding and signs a body in the sky, but the every rocks all accepted into, the Long Long makes to ring, even foundation all give pull out to walk. Mens Prada Shoes Outlet The stone that red Long Dao Ren has a liking for anticipates, absolute no trivial matter, if not because this, don’t know to need as well then the how much time can know the secret of these stone implements. Include the stone Nian son, the stone friendship, and foundation stone…etc., a lot of stones anticipate and all got into Ding, here a while light bald many. Meanwhile, the black emperor also engraved to like a way line, they directly sail across unreal and first and far say again here. After half month, leaf any appears in the song state, finds out Tu Fei and lets him helps to settle these people. Just on meeting, flies the hurtling of concussion came over, way:”What about that cooker and take out to see for me.” Ever since that time know a little Peng king of gold wings and shake light the saint son and Yao Xi be cra Womens Prada Trainers cked down on, he is very anxious to to immediately look for a leaf any to see actually. Leaf any is held up by him of have no way, take out stove, show him cautiously. “Ha ha ……”"Tu Fei’s cachinnation, give in hand, shook and shake, swayed and sway, toward a cooker to spread a sound way:”Shake the light saint son and Yao Xi aren’t you so bad, I am to think of you very much.” “The plough leaves a god of fire stove play earthquake, black-and-blue summon up a cake of a while, Tu Fei Shuang of the earthquake ear Weng the Weng make ring. “This break a cooker can seal of live them?”He made an effort to clap a slap and also vibrated the person of inside. Leaf any accepted to return to, way:”Crack down on in about a year is all right, hurriedly with seek a place for me, I want a person who settle the stone Zhai.” Finally, flew to get him to a place that is named Hao state, this oasis square number a long distance, the region is vaster, his grandpa’s site. Settle ten several families aren’t problems at all, literally seek the place of a mountain clear wate Discount Prada Trainers Sale r show all right, environment ratio originally of the stone Zhai is very a lot of. “I say that you move house also need not move rock” Tu Fei’s gape. Because, a lot of rocks are as general as knoll, look common, there is basically no special place. The person in the stone Cha, very satisfied to the ground of this mountain clear water show, due to in advance buying a great deal of supplies pour also enough what, needs to start to cover house.

elder brother can’t betray hers

Sabato, Agosto 16th, 2014

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Although result is mess 1:00, that is all as irrelevant as he, be she also isn’t likely to blame on a third party other people, right?

Lin Jing Zi You Xi thinks a point to nod, “does that have result?Is he getting more jealous?Are you getting more friendly?”

Quarter fine son immediately wry smile, “you see me now this appearance Be getting more friendly with him?”

If is really friendly, so he can’t have an opportunity to go out to have a meal together with her!

Lin Jing Zi You Xi thought to see her one eye and sank a voice to say, “sorry!”

The quarter fine son smiles to shake, “do not close your affair again, you say what sorry!”

“I just fear that I will make a mistake!”Lin Jing Zi You Xi thinks to speak fair a way very much.

The quarter fine son sighs, does this how say?

“This is me and his affair, originally also not is jealous not jealous can solve! Kids Prada Trainers Sale “The quarter fine son sighs a way.

“That still wants don’t do I help?”Lin Jing Zi You Xi thinks to cross-examine.

The quarter fine son immediately shakes head, “need not, you before have already helped me a lot of, thank you!”

She is to think, the essentials keeps to be apart from just right with him of, because of white the Feng dulcimer absolutely can’t would like to again see them two together!

She doesn’t think he gets angry, don’t think that he has been using that kind of the look in the eyes of the dark looking at her and imitate a Buddha, she is a how dirty person!

Lin Jing Zi You Xi thinks is like also feel her alienation, a little bit tiny after noding, don’t say w Womens Prada Sneakers UK hat again!

After having a meal, quarter the fine son say good-bye with him.

Lin Jing Zi You Xi thinks be like want to say what, but end still what didn’t say, said a sentence to see and then leave again!

The quarter fine son walks toward opposite side, be don’t want to return to, the in the mind is depressed, want to relax!

She now in fact is want to pass by old house in the house of white very much, but white the Feng dulcimer definitely don’t want to see hers now!

Calculate, since he doesn’t want to see her of words, so she doesn’t appear!

Like this think, she selfishly takes a stroll down the street, the hair is stunned, deeply think just.

Walk to walk, before and suddenly spread a familiarly shout a voice, “fine son, quarter fine son, I finally found out you!”

The quarter fine son smells speech and suddenly lift eyes, to worthy of a look front that person is that deep blue-eyed, the immediately tight Cu wears eyebrows, “cloth thunder boon, do you come to do what here?”
Men Prada Trainers Outlet
Cloth thunder boon smile don’t smile of alignment she, Gao Da Dun’s figure covers with her, “fine son, I come here to certainly want to seek you!Do I seek you to seek very hard!”

“Who tell you me to am here?”Quarter fine son the tight Cu wear eyebrows inquiry, she just doesn’t believe that no one tells him he will appear.

“Is my elder brother?”She cross-examines.

The cloth thunder boon Song shrugs shoulders, “if your elder brother is willing to tell me, do you think that I also wait until now?”

The quarter fine son urged an one breath, she knew that his elder brother can’t betray hers!

But unexpectedly this person still can seek!

She rubs a temple and sinks a voice to say, “cloth thunder boon, I think that I have already said very understandly with you last time!”

they all have already been full

Sabato, Agosto 16th, 2014

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The white Feng dulcimer looking at her, can say with her, “sorry ……”

【Is small white a time outside 】 don’t you want?

“, Friend!”They believe that the friend whom he says is a friend, will never believe towards seeing one eye, certainly being not each other!

Is after all an owner only, they also just in mind the stomach Fei BE.

The quarter fine son just don’ Womens Prada Sneakers UK t realize the other people’s vision and just selfishly looking at a white Feng dulcimer with that vision that has mercy on Xi Xi, “white white, I am getting more hungry.”

The white Feng dulcimer stared her one eye right away, because she that white white on exporting, everyone uses that curious about that the vision looking at them two.

He leans to her, at her ear gnash teeth in hatred way, “quarter fine son, don’t like this call me in the outside!Cha”

The quarter fine son stares big beautiful eyes to looking at him, “that is at home noodles can call?”

The orotund just right of this sentence, at the right moment present owners all hear.

White Feng dulcimer still really want to knock to open her head see her in what kind of actually constructed me!
Kids Prada Trainers Sale
He thinks that she must be intentional!

After lifting Mou to stare her one eye, he says with her, “the darling shut to ascend your mouth, don’t talk!”

The quarter fine son continues to sadly looking at him, “but am I very hungry, can order a meal?”

White Feng dulcimer after staring her one eye, will wait on should recruit, let her order a meal.

The secretaries are all very curious to their relations, say to is a friend, but will a men let a female boyfriend live at his house?

Two people’s still is saying home noodles, that is what relate to be not put clearly?

Secretary Fang is bolder person, she is to directly and curiously ask, “vice-president, your friend is to live at your house of?Is that to sleep a room with you and still keep respectively sleeping a room?”

The white Feng dulcimer smells speech, immediately squint Jing smile don’t smile of stare at her, Men Prada Trainers Outlet “do you say?”

Secretary Fang shuts up right away, vice-president this shape really and too frightenned a person!

White Feng dulcimer warning of stared their one eye, again blather words for him to button up wages!

The meal that the quarter fine son orders came, she immediately shouted a , then for the eating of big, only because is really too hungry!

The white Feng dulcimer just didn’t also eat what, also ordered thing, immediately after also last, hence also quietly eat.

Although the secretaries are to really want to continue to find out a gossip here,they all have already been full, if they still don’t leave and estimate that their vice-president is about to dismantle their skin!

Not and in a short while after, here leave their two people.
Genuine Prada Trainers
Quarter fine son eat one greater half hereafter just have a little to satisfy feeling, smilingly looking at him, “white white, etc. descend me can go to your company?”

“Do not go!”The white Feng dulcimer wants to don’t also want to directly refuse.

Quarter fine son immediately Cu eyebrow, “why?”

“Why does my company want to make you go to?”The white Feng dulcimer counter-questions.

Quarter fine son Jue mouth, not happy.

life ideal is the teacher great stock

Martedì, Luglio 8th, 2014

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his this isn’t great immediately drive excitement blunt of vanish.The company that invests USD 60,000,000,000 is canning also count in the world of wear characters?If oneself really has opportunity to manage a company like this don’t mean that oneself leaves a dream and enters an one step?

The nest reaches thin of the life ideal is the teacher great stock market investor person like that who can become being like him, therefore he would listen to the great stock market investor’s arrangement to wait upon this unruly big young master, but luck turns after hardship at present, his opportunity finally came!Reach in the nest thin appreciate of in the vision, the Tang Feng San people and big summer are green they soon then agreed after negotiation the detail of cooperation, the Tang Feng San people left a hotel later on!

According to their engagements, end both parties decide that being reached by the nest is thin, quiet Jie and the stone Ya Jie San’s people’s joint responsibility that Chen Hao Nan send hereafter in general use affair, however because of quiet the Jie still need to give attention to both Long Yuan’s group and China interest group, but stone Ya Jie then mainly is to come study to toughen for a while, don’t have a power to make decisions to the thing of company, so their 2 people’s identity is a nest to reach thin assistant!

Original Chen Hao Nan not wants to send a person come of, because according to share of how much come to say, he doesn’t have the qualifications that sends a person of dynasty company’s high Womens Prada Outlet management layer.However Be cooperate a colleague, Tang Feng or fought for a quota for him.So hereafter reach with nest thin produce what opinion the time of conflict, quiet the Jie can also have one the person who helps a chamber.

“Mama of, the boy wearing glasses has a liking for go to gentle of, can have never thought unexpectedly so cunning, several USD 1,000,000,000 unexpectedly so drive he a few words to cheat go to, his grandmother of, the white white made the big summer green that two a life time Zus to have cheap!”Car up, Tang Feng is some to not and greatly clap steer device, obviously to just of affair still Geng Geng and bosom!

Four cunning eyes of chapter 593(3)

The quiet Jie sees him this childishness of facial expression, not from get the Jiao smile an on Tang Feng Jian, head’s Fu’s soft track:”Is all right, you that lion greatly open mouth to at the beginning am frightened to death I, can have this result, we already very satisfied!”

“Be!Invest similar money, can the share was had one greater half by us, you were still not bashful to feel Kui of panic?”What Chen Hao Nan despised of the one side saw Tang Feng Yi’s eye, light tone way:”Can there is this result having already pretty much made me be getting more surprised, say again, let him have some cheapness the nothing important is also?Don’t forget this nest to reach thin hereafter still have to work for us, if the B must cut off too much this time, even if reach a cooperation hereafter the perhaps big summer is green still have to seek us of matter son.Be like now this, let them feel that they earned, had better!”

“Is dizzy, I say you is which head of?Don’t forget you are also a big shareholder, I don’t also do so is just make money for you?”Tang Feng very and not and greatly stared Chen Hao Nan’s one eye, this guy feelings talked about business to be this spend a holiday?Didn’t see a guy penny dint in the process of negotiation.

“Hey Hey, ” Chen Hao Nan does to smile two, suddenly wrinkly the eyebrows don’t understand of looking at Tang Feng Dao:” To Azrael, you why at finish listenning to the nest reach thin of words after directly increase the share to 35%?This style that is different from you, Prada Shoes UK originally I still thought you get upwards whetting of 1.1:00.”

Chen Hao Nan lightly shook to shake head, a connect good-tempered looking at Tang Feng.Because say according to the general circumstance, Tang Feng just shoulded isn’t so quick and then directly adds the price to so Gao just to, should ast least also sound out each other to chop down a few prices.

Tang Feng is some to depressedly turn over to turn over cold stare, oneself heart in of considered to come out.

The quiet Jie fiercely sits to keep body and use a kind of see idiocy the vision quietly stare at Tang Feng, this makes Tang Feng carry on the back last fine hairs behind all Shu get up.His careful way:”Hey, how, what do you looking at my stem like this?”

“Husband, you are stupid to die, again drive to cheat!”The quiet Jie turned over to turn over cold stare, delicate and innocent way.

“Boon, what mean?”Once Tang Feng Shou cringe and almost have never arrived the treetop of flank to the car and go.He quickly stopped a car, the Zheng was big eyes to tightly stare at quiet

already done a good affair and

Martedì, Maggio 13th, 2014

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I say that your mama is a young lady!Roll, none of men is what good thing!”The moxa beautiful son scolds a few men, but eyes stare at Lee free and unfettered, malicious obviously, she is pointing mulberry to scold Huai, scold Lee free and unfettered also not is what good thing!”I depend!Helped you to still help in the mess kitchen a problem to come, whether want an elder brother how many to you to thoroughly and up have a class?Come over ……”the man finally peeped out ferocious original appearance, bad mercilessly stare at a moxa of the beautiful son , suddenly, hang up a finger way to free and unfettered Lee.The moxa beautiful son is also foolish for a while, can’t meet rascal again?Moxa beautiful son still just interrogative stunned of time, Lee is free and unfettered to have already walked to come over, smile don’t say with smile:”How many also loot?And rob of is still the somebody else’s unique color?”Lee is free and unfettered to be not afraid of them, have another more than ten one guy like this, also is to give away foolishly, Lee free and unfettered one handle knob tidied up.But a few men don’t think so, they think be come to Lee again free and unfettered so of several, they can also tidy up and had a liking for this beauty today, have the brotherses already suppressed for a long time!”Loot how?Loot again how?Knowing mutually must hurriedly get away!”The man impatiently Prada Shoes waves hand to free and unfettered Lee, three of his companions, immediately demonstration the evil spirit is bad to very and generally sign at his after death, staring with anger Lee is free and unfettered, want on the vehemence to excel Lee free and unfettered, being frightened to death Lee is free and unfettered.They didn’t need to expend spirit energy.Unfortunately, their abacuses beat wrong.Lee is free and unfettered to isn’t what good thing, he is the ancestor of rascal, the ancestors of bludger, a few guys presumably had good play to see today.”I if don’t know mutually?”Lee is free and unfettered to is still recklessly and blindly do thin to say with smile, see that special and spectacular marvelous kind, a few males of not great arrived extremity.It is on the contrary a beautiful moxa son to pour the town quiet down and became an on-looker, beautiful the eyes are strange burst of color to repeatedly stare at Lee free and unfettered.Suddenly think of, just Lee is free and unfettered but one handle knob grasped that harassment own male’s arm ground, he meeting fighting skill?The moxa beautiful son thoughts of here and immediately stare big the United States eyes, the clear Mou dead dies of stare at Lee free and unfettered, exert is surprise, curious about color.Still have one in fine threads[one] unidentified flavor of canning not remember clearly.”That dies” a few males finally lost patience and threw a fist dynasty Lee who dance the leg free and unfettered attackstone come over.Four men begin together, the condition also pretty frightens a person.The moxa beautiful son white gets fed up with at least of the face present a kind of status that loses blood, the thin tooth Nie bites red lips, don’t dare to make a noise.Four men just clamored to make a pounce upon Lee free and unfettered, Lee is free and unfettered but on Mens Prada Outlet e feet a Chuai killed a person immediately the double the eye is outstanding, squatted down on four men’s thigh root at ground up.The facial expression is green to purplely stare at Lee free and unfettered, completely can not believe of shape.The moxa beautiful son is also getting more silly, thus the unimaginable affair unexpectedly take place at her in front.Lee is free and unfettered but suddenly thinks of what, the eyebrows tightly wrinkles up and sees don’t see a shocked foolish moxa beautiful as well son, the impatient Chuai turned over 4 people who block the way, quickly usually of road up walk to, the step unexpectedly more walks more quick!”The ah feeds!”The moxa beautiful son anxiously shouts, and quickly chase a Lee free and unfettered step, but Lee was free and unfettered to imitate a Buddha to lose ear general, the reason also ignores, direct breeze generally disappear at distance, moxa the United States the son press down the knee of thin white and pant noisily of can not also make Lee free and unfettered to stop the second half step.Lee is free and unfettered of the place isn’t an another place, is exactly just left of spent a holiday village, he suddenly felt just of the affair make it too much careless, be not unexpectedly stimulated by the wrath murderous look of oneself’s in the mind to ask a green and red soap white killed off beautiful Hui son, and at that time the United States Hui son dying of the facial expression was very weird, although Lee is free and unfettered to believe she will sincerely of the hurl depends on oneself,is that so a facial expression also really uncanny.
185 chapters:Frightened(next)

Lee is free and unfettered to launch power from the outer circle, no longer get into from the center door, the Qian arrives just and kills spring too Lang and the room neighborhood of beautiful Hui son, concealment in a dead angle.Suddenly spread the voice of alcohol flower son in ear.”Military instructor, how are you?”
A voice of woman infirmity rings out later on, way:”Don’t crying cried and then isn’t my student.Trust, although that person don’t think that we keep on living, we still can live very goodly here.Besides I successfully cheated Lee whom the wood helps again free and unfettered.Hereafter I behind the sc Discount Prada Trainers Sale enes, the whole affairs will have you to appear publicly.They who also surprisingly I the United States Hui son unexpectedly escape from death, thank Amaterasu-omikami the slice that my heart living position.Hum!Liu Sheng’s pacifying country is free and unfettered with Lee to have no one is a good thing, you go for the Dou.I will follow you closely the dying of Dou to live to come of, I will accept corpse for you!”
“Military instructor, you still hurriedly cure to harm!”The alcohol spends son of voice inside deeply strain and misgiving.Lee is free and unfettered to believe, the heart of beautiful Hui son is long of be partial to again, the person’s chest of his Niang drive bayonet firm will the hole be great?
The obviously beautiful Hui son is also not great.”Don’t worry, I am dead not of.This small wound can not also chase how am I?Although he closed my strength, my strength is in the world most geezer, connect that person also to this 100 think not get its solution.His Lee is free and unfettered and how to compare with that person!He is to seal to print don’t live my strength!”The beautiful Hui son still and satisfiedly spends a son way to the alcohol.
Lee is free and unfettered again to oneself just and recklessly the behavior regret, profound penitence.Is alas, followed one’s inclinations too much, is also too smooth, the all things always thought enemy too much in brief, hereafter necessarily claim attention.Lee is in mind and secretly free and unfettered of rebuke oneself, and then and obscurely got into room.If noodles sinking is aqueous of looking at 2 people.The bayonet of beautiful Hui sub- chest still didn’t pull out, the blood followed the Qin of bayonet one every drop.Lie on the alcohol and spend the bosom of the son, the complexion is pale.
“You …… you” alcohol flower son the first see Lee is free and unfettered of come in of, at this time although the beautiful Hui son protected a Sao life, also very weak, is shutting eyes t

oneself’s circumstances says again

Domenica, Maggio 11th, 2014

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Lee was free and unfettered to want to be after understanding, smiled.Stare at Xu Shu Mei still the white get fed up with like the body way of jade:”The retribution waiting you to say comes to say again, however you have already encountered retribution now.Think that oneself’s circumstances says again first.Hey Hey ……”
Xu Shu Mei cannots help but covering a chest, the white delicate towering meat regiment pushes plumperly, but the triangle peach source still expose free and unfettered at Lee at present, muddy one.It obviously is Lee’s free and unfettered achievement.
“How do you still don’t walk?Still want to make me last you again once?”Lee is free and unfettered to say up, but still depend in the treetop, don’t act.
The countermarch one step that Xu Shu Mei is surprised to fear to, sees Lee free and unfettered don’t act, and then think of oneself just all over early drive this person frivoled sufficient, oneself on the contrary feared him like this at present and had already grown his ambition.Suddenly stick out chest a staring at of title Lee is free and unfettered.No matter the chest stands erect quiver at 2:00, stomach next the Fang grass move with the breeze.Dead dead of stare at a free and unfettered way of Lee:”You wait.I will chase you today to mine, all find back to come!”
“How to find back, you are like again today me ascend your similar, ascend me once?” Prada UK Lee is free and unfettered to suddenly smile, pondered of stare at the hot body of Xu Shu Mei, the carriage of Yin Mi lets just crazy some kind of flowers was again getting eager for action.
See free and unfettered pants of Lee Gao and get up a cake of, brain inside appeared Lee free and unfettered just that red words son, arouse to work properly for a while, don’t dare to stop over a short moment any further, the light wore a big bottom to run to go out.Don’t know her woods, how does this carriage appear in public?
Lee is free and unfettered to stare at she disappears of direction, peep out one meaningful smile an idea.Lee is free and unfettered to is the person who wants to let Xu Jia to know, that his Lee is free and unfettered to corrupt the daughter of your house and how wore?Be want to incense you, let you aim at my Lin bang in everywhere.The strategy that till then waits you will greatly go wrong of?Two lines battle E, Hey Hey 6
Now that you not worth, don’t obey a rules of the game, that do I why the need for obey again?The north Hong door probably Dou however you, let you the enough dint toss about, Lao Tze also wanted to took advantage of an opportunity to put out you from the angle from the same enemy 嘅 .After all northern prince’s party that can compare a physically disabled in the Hong door of surplus a physically disabled deals with so much.
Lee is free and unfettered to put away himself/herself, quickly returned to a villa inside in sun house in Europe.This time, the persons of sun house in the whole Europe are all concentrated at hall in, the Quan shrinks on the sofa, the brotherses of Azrael squad carry a gun and point at them, full of bellicosity.
Sun in sun act Europe in Europe flies facial expressions all malicious Wei Mi and was subjected to very big incitement similar, turn a blind eye towards rounding own gun muzzle.On the contrary is plain Europe Yangming Europe two brotherses frighten of almost wet the pants, frightened of stare at to cast covetous eyes on of Azrael squad brothers.
The arm in rascal morning is in brief handled for a while, the bullet broke through his muscle and left one to play bore, don’t need to take out bullet and after a while beat one needle and prevent°from catching a cold inflammation all right.Rascal morning slovenly pirate sit on a generous sofa, raise cross-legged, stare at sun in Europe to fly plump nude body, the Yin often smiles several bottom.
Wu Teng Lan’s shoulder is also broken through, the weighing of condition of the injury opposite ratio rascal morning is some, but Wu Teng Lan’s power is deep, also lose blood to seem to be facial expression a bit pale, other of have no big Ai.
But wood cloud still worries of sign at her shine on to see her at any time nearby.Several individuals all stare at the person of sun house in Europe of middle, didn’t talk, air the momentary is quiet terrifying, condensed similar.Sun in Europe flies lately and had no quilt rascal for morning they offended to sink of time, got news, the stock of sun group in Europe was attacked by surprise, again don’t save city, will go bankrupt.But the Europe sun group at this time is used what save city?
Make oneself sell?Raise funds?Sun in Europe flies a bitter and astringent mouth of Pie Pie, the double eye has no absolute being of took a look everywhere.
Sun act in Europe is subjected to huge incitement because of the death that personally witnesses sun breeze in Europe, although he has to let the daughter to the business and conducts,faces sun breeze brother and sister of Europe and only have sorry and ashamed, personally witness the death that gives birth to a boy in person at the moment, old man heart where support live.Almost and suddenly get a heart attack to hang, have no apoplexy is a miracle.
“How do you want throughout?The group has already been made by you to across, the perso Discount Mens Prada Trainers n also kills.How to still want?”Sun in Europe flew to see an eye on all sides, in addition to oneself, seem to have no who can stand up to talk.Have to absorb tone to stare at the rascal morning way.
167 chapters:Don’t your beauty

“I don’t want how to wear you.You see my arm, is that how did you wear me.Wait, meeting someone tidies up yours!”The morning of the rascal looking at oneself blood Lin the arm of the Lin, very depressed.The one of surprisingly oneself mixs procuress and also has maimed day.
“You kill me also?Do you exactly want to do what?You are these devils ……”sun act in Europe suddenly rush toward to weep aloud to shout loudly in the trouser-legs in rascal morning, the old tears maneuver, weeping and sniffling Hua of.
The morning of the rascal gets an electric shock on jumping but rising, the facial expression greatly changes way:”I depend!Old guy, not want an old soldier, annoyed Lao Tze, old guy also not pass!Chrysanthemum the first!”The morning of the rascal suddenly shouts at top of voice.
Round the Azrael squad of view member immediately the vision weirdly stare at a guy of crew cut,

hand will immediately reduce to ashes

Sabato, Maggio 10th, 2014

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Phoenix devotes one’s minds, the nude body covers with the 1 F powder color light fog, and that is the Foreign Minister whom her power high speed circulates.That light fog looks like smoke Xia a sort charming, if curious stretch hand a touch, that hand will immediately reduce to ashes, even will spread up all over.
The Feng blood Ming silkworm is the dance of Phoenix to make use of oneself Jing the blood implies of the Phoenix blood cultivate but, have with her to work properly Xi to respond.This kind of world different race strange insect, the world is rare, also being just their person of Phoenix blood tradition can cultivate.This kind of Ming silkworm is concomitant and rare with Phoenix, having no Feng the blood can not exist.
So, cultivating to exhaust Jing blood is a lot of, the dance of Phoenix also cultivated so 12 and lost a to she although the real strenght stroke isn’t big,expend of Jing blood the strenuous effort all want to pay east to flow!Also be regarded as huge great damage!
The dance of Phoenix responds the directions of the Feng blood Ming silkworm and directs a monkey to drive.Lee is free and unfettered to suddenly turn head strange strangely stare at the dance way of Phoenix:”Did you also grow on me?”Is not that each and every move that Authentic Prada is own originally be all understood by her?Oneself how many wives of exquisite gorgeous matter did she also know?
“His body up of that be!”The dance facial expression of the Phoenix peculiarly saw free and unfettered one eye of Lee.Obviously she once grew on the Lee’s free and unfettered body, however is took out to come afterwards!
Lee is free and unfettered to attach a sum, do to deplore greatly a form!And then point at the dance of Phoenix, suppressed along while, unexpectedly way:”Is that privacy that peeps me very great?”Eyes then in the dance powder of Phoenix delicate cheeks Bo neck, whet on the towering nipple.The dance whole body of the Phoenix a burst of hot and dry, the brain inside presents again a Lee is free and unfettered and Wu Teng Lan Ying Ying in wood Yunlin wait female white the meat band together of tie up together of appearance, on the body seem and burn generally!Don’t dare to see Lee free and unfettered, but the dead denies a way:”My the Feng blood Ming silkworm can respond be grown whether has hostility to me, whether is safe.Other functions aren’t big ……”
The dance of Phoenix makes reference to here, the voice is gradually deep and low, still if the cicada blares, the colorful face is almost firm to enter oneself plentiful go in pretty proud nipple.The Lee free and unfettered Hey Hey smiles to nod, dark way:Small kind, see this time you return how the palm heart of the break out of Yes!
The Xiao respects a sky to quickly turn a head to see the scenery out of the window, two big guys are playing ambiguity, and he is so to don’t know mutually.At the beginning follow a leadership to do bodyguard to attend various condition, they play of pattern, can compare in the moment much more romantic.Those woman which throw to go out isn’t dazzling already very?Cellophane noodles such as mountain such as sea of.He can all pretend to be ignorant and hide in the dark corner to draw a circle!
The scene being at present makes him have a kind of felling that returns to those early years, dark sigh Womens Prada Trainers :I how so hard luck?Am I the life for drawing a circle?
The monkey drives still steady, the double eye gathers into a line and stare at car under of road a blink or not.
“BE?Could you not respond everything?What do you do so?”For a while, the chin that Lee is free and unfettered to stretch hand a raising of the dance of hanging up the Phoenix’s jade the warm jade is general, the but again contains soft playing of body.
“!You are dry what!”The dance of Phoenix is suddenly been free and unfettered by Lee so frivolous 1, get an electric shock generally, almost leap.But quickly move body, keep off Lee free and unfettered.Make him enough arrive himself/herself.If past, Lee is free and unfettered the color is hasty, don’t dare as well again thus bold.At this time, the nuptial chamber of the dance but Jiao Qie Qie of Phoenix little daughter-in-law’s sort, how allow to pass a so exquisite opportunity!Want again to stretch hand a petting for a while her powder delicate beautiful cheeks, the dance of Phoenix suddenly raise a head, complexion cut up rough, the double eye gets very angry.
Lee is free and unfettered to quickly take back a hand to go, dark way:Be not delivered a young tiger so?But listen to the dance way of Phoenix:”I want to burn them!”The voice is malicious hot, the algidity is pressing!Lee is free and unfettered to loosen tone, , not is aim at own of!That good, that good!
81 chapters:Miserably elephant

Lee is free and unfettered to loosen tone, again interrogative of looking at the dance of Phoenix, is what person let beauty thus lose temper?”How?”Lee is free and unfettered to don’t understand of looking at the dance of Phoenix, is what person want to be unlucky?
“They are starting to use torture to the concealed knife!”The dance of Phoenix bites a ground jad Mens Prada Trainers Sale e silver the tooth mercilessly say, look in the eyes’ imitating a Buddha is relentless in the moment those guys for starting to use torture.
“Exactly is where the person of aspect?”Lee is free and unfettered but has no how much hate an idea, just feel as usual, of mafia the spy who grasps the other party, don’t start to use torture absolutely is impossible.Just thought of yesterday that boy to is still vivacious, today probably hang, can feel deeply about current affairs impermanent!
“It isn’t that clear.The Feng blood Ming silkworm isn’t a camera again, telephone.I where know is who held tight him?However, the person of nothing but both side.Isn’t the person who is prince’s party in the north Hong door!”The dance of Phoenix didn’t like spirit of white Lee free and unfettered one eye.But is that the romantic feeling is infinite, Lee is free and unfettered to greatly have the meaning to induce the dance of the Phoenix more, lets her turns over several more cold stares to see for she.
“Say of is also.I still think your that Feng blood Ming silkworm is to get stripe to evolve a version, with have into!Is ashamed, is that I comprehend wrong!”Lee is immediately and very free and unfettered bear egg of to the dance apology of Phoenix.

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