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This should be the last way line

Domenica, Settembre 7th, 2014

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Bellowing a voice is particularly sad and shrill, this that Fu.

This district one is obscure, the moon Gang breeze once blows, and the many people meat bone became mire and basically arrived to can not hold up against, was a strong weapon to also all become powder in momentary.


Suddenly, an aureate big hand is horizontal empty, mercilessly clapped to fall down, beat to collapse crack for a day a while, spread the moon Gang breeze earthquake, with absolute strength Cui Mo the black emperor’s way line.

“Mama of, too malicious, barehanded beat to collapse moon 亐 way line, this person is too terrible!”The black emperor frightenned a to greatly jump.

Leaf any they momentary escaped, but still canned hardly get away from the other party, the Xuan jade set head quarter was certainly lived by the other party, can not from ruin.

Continue to sail across unreal 78 times, that aureate big hand always can not get away from, is like a terrible nightmare and worry them.

Sail across unreal for the ninth time, appear a thou the battlefield is at the one, here red fire combustion, Yin spirit blunt sky, a lot of boneses all hang in the sky, Sen however matchless.

“Mama of, the way that I don’t believe that this emperor engraves line, can not hold up against them!”Big black dog also hasty eye, with meticulous care engrave next of of kill a field be one by one destroyed, let it feels the seriousness that settles a dispute feeling. Authentic Prada

“This is what line?”Leaf any asks a way.

“This is the ancient to kill a field to enchant sea one by one, the strong will drown among them, hard from pull out, will appear terrible intention to murder, Cui they.”

Leaf any they come out ancient to kill a field to enchant sea one by one, result the pursuing troops of the rear sailed across unreal to appear again.

The segment is virtuous to bellow 《”do not make track for to kill, you should see a Lei, I ain’t a Huang thou the saint rest, with any that bastard of leaf without relating to at 1:00.”

Ji bright moon and summer nine Yous and way one holy land young girl Taoist priest etc. person, and many persons of old generation have been already seen, he will never be leaf any.

But the others all attackstone against him with no stop, even if is some saint sons is also sneering at, force him the identity is from the report, way:”Who are you exactly?”

The ancient is killing a field to enchant sea one by one, suddenly intention to murder 100001000, the many people wears a way, summer nine Yous and Ji bright moon fought, and the segment is virtuous passive to start with a bad old headman trying very hard to.

Leaf any they stand on the jade on the stage and prepare the unreal of Huang Du, the black emperor sneers at a way 《”this emperor engraves of way line, how probably useless ……”


Unfortunately it hasn’t finished saying, that aureate big hand again appears and clap ground thou battlefield, enchant the sea be broken up Tu Fei to in a twinkling change countenance, way:”I knew that this is the old Peng king’s incarnation, we walk quickly, the old Peng king’s true body may arrive at any time.”

Leaf any also changed on the spot color, he gold wings little Peng Wang Shou walked, old Peng king just in the looking for of full world he, come to an incarnation at present no wonder.

“Hurriedly walk!”

It is the bewitching king who lets each big saint lord all want to be afraid of to is old to deceive a king, the real strenght terror is very and soon matchless, and has world, the difficult to ask for.

“Need not worry and kill a field after three way lines again, is that I engrave the ground of next ultimate end way lin Mens Prada Shoes Outlet e.”Big black plum way.

Rear, makes track for down of person already not much, this all the way many people be annihilated by the way line of big black dog, what to carry is very devious.

And then once connected 3 to kill a field, finally arrived the big black dog says of ultimate end the ground of the line, they quickly hurtle a jade set.

Big black dog way 《”go, absolute now safety!”The ray of light is one Shan, they disappear at first.

Leaf any at darkly in ask a way 《”you make sure us safety?This should be the last way line, if can not also get away from them, the result is so terrible we dares not thinks about it.”

“Trust good, as long as we leave, way the line will shut to match and re- evolve, only we can sail across unreal, will become a there square hopeless situation.”

seek the place of a mountain clear

Domenica, Settembre 7th, 2014

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Indeed as expected, that pure stone drive peacock with each other accept particularly, just and groundly don’t beg for is one Lou mentally dense Jing and q’s expecting AN isn’t a treasure to print an essence. “Want to immediately walk?”The old way really wants to return to stone Zhai, because the yonder stone anticipates to make him scared, probably the Yun has the thing that he needs. “Walk right away yes.”The peacock king’s absolute being reads to become one 67-year-old lightly youth, way:”I let demon clan monk come to this, be for leading to leave to come over in this shaking of region light saint lord, prepare to cut to kill him to think to halfway he has already got news, we had better quickly leave now.” “Like, I together go with you.”Red Long Lao Dao finishes saying and sweeps to see surroundings, lightly on trembling tunic Xiu, include leaf any at inside, several people show to turn to be from a shadow. Mostly is an all local small monk, because hear the action come over to look into, all meticulous at the moment, dare to kill the person of saint lord, in all the world have no severals. “You still as early as possible leave, here be not you can Chan and of.”Red Long Lao Dao lightly swept public one eye. “Red eldest brother dragon, we didn’t see in 1,500, the road was best to discuss so much!” Authentic Prada The ray of light gleams, the red Long Dao Ren, peacock king winks disappearance, and the bore Teng also quickly leaves. “Originally may with saint lord to definitely of person terror like this, let surprised regrets of people ……”"leaf any is from the language. The person who sees this Class every time begins, he has all new cognition and more understands to more feel that each big saint lord is terrible. The big black dog appears on the horizon, became together black light to run to come over and cursed a way:”Hurriedly walk, the malicious person like this makes this emperor feel great danger.” They quickly return to stone Zhai, while Wang Shu waited a person to also come back at this time, time was urgent, for quickly leaving here, leaf any is as secure as public company, accept into they the jade is clean bottle of in. And then, he presents Ding and signs a body in the sky, but the every rocks all accepted into, the Long Long makes to ring, even foundation all give pull out to walk. Mens Prada Shoes Outlet The stone that red Long Dao Ren has a liking for anticipates, absolute no trivial matter, if not because this, don’t know to need as well then the how much time can know the secret of these stone implements. Include the stone Nian son, the stone friendship, and foundation stone…etc., a lot of stones anticipate and all got into Ding, here a while light bald many. Meanwhile, the black emperor also engraved to like a way line, they directly sail across unreal and first and far say again here. After half month, leaf any appears in the song state, finds out Tu Fei and lets him helps to settle these people. Just on meeting, flies the hurtling of concussion came over, way:”What about that cooker and take out to see for me.” Ever since that time know a little Peng king of gold wings and shake light the saint son and Yao Xi be cra Womens Prada Trainers cked down on, he is very anxious to to immediately look for a leaf any to see actually. Leaf any is held up by him of have no way, take out stove, show him cautiously. “Ha ha ……”"Tu Fei’s cachinnation, give in hand, shook and shake, swayed and sway, toward a cooker to spread a sound way:”Shake the light saint son and Yao Xi aren’t you so bad, I am to think of you very much.” “The plough leaves a god of fire stove play earthquake, black-and-blue summon up a cake of a while, Tu Fei Shuang of the earthquake ear Weng the Weng make ring. “This break a cooker can seal of live them?”He made an effort to clap a slap and also vibrated the person of inside. Leaf any accepted to return to, way:”Crack down on in about a year is all right, hurriedly with seek a place for me, I want a person who settle the stone Zhai.” Finally, flew to get him to a place that is named Hao state, this oasis square number a long distance, the region is vaster, his grandpa’s site. Settle ten several families aren’t problems at all, literally seek the place of a mountain clear wate Discount Prada Trainers Sale r show all right, environment ratio originally of the stone Zhai is very a lot of. “I say that you move house also need not move rock” Tu Fei’s gape. Because, a lot of rocks are as general as knoll, look common, there is basically no special place. The person in the stone Cha, very satisfied to the ground of this mountain clear water show, due to in advance buying a great deal of supplies pour also enough what, needs to start to cover house.

suppress good idea on seeing you

Sabato, Settembre 6th, 2014

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Cut open, all cut open, this emperor has a kind of intuition and have much of the ear ability will leave out bottom what matchless importance of the supernatural being is too perhaps a stub thou absolute being medicine! Big black dog Cuan Duo leaf any, let him begin, very anxious to immediately slice a surprised life time of strange Jean. Front and back two chapterses add to totally have more than 8,000 words, the brothers sisters, does the monthly ticket have a wood to have?Already last ten days of month, call a monthly ticket to the power. Chapter 359 big bewitching huge Bo The color of the sky haze, ice snow roars and shouts. The firewood Mao Pa in the fireplace makes to ring, the light of fire jumps about, very warm inside the house, several people stay by the side eight stone implements and prepare to cut open. You stay back some. Mens Prada Trainers Outlet Leaf any signals hint several person’s countermarches, although pass by for more than ten thousand years, have some uncanny strength in these rocks. Mao Ca The first stone implement is cut open, the powder in stone heart run off some grays, such as sand similar, spread to fall 1 ground. What is this ? Several people gather together a near front, in every aspect and mutually Qu, can not tell to Prada UK is what. This affirmation is a good thing, however the vitality was sucked away, left powder, otherwise probably is a life and death person the supernatural being of the meat bones. Even leaf any cans not judge, either, this exactly is what, however there is also no necessary probe, because it hasn’t been worth of. Continued to slice four stone implements, stone heart or hollow or petrochemical, strange Jean’s essence all doesn’t reply existence. After the fifth stone implement is cut open a blind side, breathing with cold Yin rushes out and still wants a Sen cold sting bone than ice snow world of window outside, let a person repeatedly heart palpitates. Sliced a good thing to come, finally no longer Be getting more empty.Tu Fei Jing’s way. Glory flicker in the big black dog eyes, body tiny Fu, a see be prepare to charge forward to loot. Leaf any is inclined it is one eye, way:Your honesty orders, don’t all want everything to rob. Womens Prada Sneakers UK Stop worrying, this emperor never does that kind of not honest and kind matter.The person of big black dog one face rears harmless. Mao Ca! The second knife falls in, the blind side is in addition big some, the ice cold breathing stabbed a bone more and a little bit ordered sacred ray of light projection at the same time. Really have good thing!Tu Fei Jing shouts. Zhang Wu Ye’s still having two Leng sons with Wang Shu is very shocked, all the Zheng is big eyes, stare at leaf’s any stone implement in the hand. Almost the big black dog saliva run off came, again the Fu wore body to move several steps forward, a pair of big claws sons almost explored to go out. Tu Fei spirit way:Do not suppress good idea on seeing you, whether really want to rob? The big black dog peeps out an appearance of despise, way:Is Mens Prada Trainers Sale this emperor that so a person and never do that kind of affair, I have been taking a person by character. You ……still with virtuous person?!Leaf any is lazy to fight it. Stop worrying, this emperor isn’t that kind of people, this emperor doesn’t do that kind of matter.Big black dog appearance with faithful look. Leaf any no longer says more what, the third knife falls in, the sacred glory flows to turn and overflows stone implement, let it infected by light gold color brilliance, cold sting bone in house, if several people fall to an icehouse.

has been protecting that magazine

Venerdì, Settembre 5th, 2014

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See have no advertisement, the full text word has no wrong head hair novel, -writing head hair, your best choice!

136:Is her?

Just, you see, he unexpectedly and that recall~to the mind a text together.Writing head hair return drive ascend the cover of magazine.This looking at, the root is gorgeous, shine on a door!Nurse mm vexation’s saying, the in a dream lover in the heart is been victory to the swift-footed by the other people, that taste is really suffered.

Nurse mm has been saying, completely didn’t notice the patient of one side is what feel.

Mummy, you how still here?The red fire slowly walked to come over and looking at have been dazing of red Die.
Kids Prada Trainers Outlet
She has been waiting red Die, can could not see her.Finally sit not to live, walk to see.

Is alas, my in a dream the lover shout! The nurse is still chattering without stopping of say, an appearance for blaming everyone but oneself.

The realization of red fire, noticed this nurse mm.

Beautiful elder sister, what in a dream lover?Did your boyfriend betray you?Seek small three?Or, divorce with you?The appearance of red fire that gossip there is also that guesses.Let nurse mm all stop next flower language.

Looking at that, on the face, full is embarrassed.

Cough, kid, you don’t understand.I also didn’t boyfriend, what I said is this ……nurse mm is shy of say, heart-brokenly saw one eye, that magazine again.

Once the red Die see and signed horse to once rob a magazine from nurse.

This magazine determinedly can not show red fire.Otherwise, she doesn’t know what affair the red fire will do.

Mummy goes fetch!The red fire laid up smiling face and looking at red died chillily.

The red Die had never to once rude in behavior like this, finger, tightly grasp that magazine.

Nurse mm gets mixed up condition and just responds to come over from just that strength now.

Just she just took hold of that magazine, feel strength coming over and give°ing the magazine Duo to pass by.

Looking at red Die and the confrontation of the red fire, she doesn’t understand.

Looking at again a side once walked of another nurse, there is also that magazine in the hand.Two words didn’t say and signed horse to give° the magazine to take to come over from he.
Mens Prada Trainers UK
Oh, I also know that sun Che in Europe is getting more handsome.This patient, you don’t rob with kid.Still have, kid, we don’t want hers and come to beautiful elder sister to give you 1.Try to please of smile, passed the magazine to red fire again.

Red Die where thought of this nurse will the love like this is again young, unexpectedly gave the red fire 1.

The red fire once connects a magazine and connected to thank of smiling face all have no.

Picked up a magazine, walk to part.

Reflecting to go into the thing of that eyes of Dan Feng is a set of gorgeous shine on.

But that male leading role is falsely him that?

See red Die again, no wonder that she has been protecting that magazine.

The red Die will estimate to have very great contact with the affair last night at the hospital now.

That woman also really made him begin!

Red Die, I saw these photographs.How again?The red fire is that very small body plank, keep to straightly stand.

possible way leads him to up hang up

Mercoledì, Settembre 3rd, 2014

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(5)These are drawing on him.

Body, bottom, unexpectedly vacillating.

That a little becomes big of small sun Che in Europe be unexpectedly protesting against.


Is to scold red Die several times in the heart, the sleeping goes to bed and comes to make reprisals why the need for and like this.

Start, and then returned to inside the bathroom, hurtle cool water Zao.

Tomorrow, he must seek a woman back!

On the second day, the red Die is early early of wake up. Kids Prada Trainers

Help a maid to prepare breakfast together, Chen Fen who enjoy is to match a Long mouth not.

This red Die there is no the Jiao of socially prominent lady to be soft.What all consumedly of, looking at is comfortable.

The time waited sun Che in Europe to come down, a persons on the table all looking at him.

That strong black eye, that facial expression, that facial expression.

Really BE, work excessively hard causable!

Chen Fen sees red Die with the very ambiguous taste.

See have no advertisement, the full text word has no wrong head hair novel, -writing head hair, your best choice!
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“Red Die, you also not small, Che son also not small.【The writing head delivers 】you when, reborn the granddaughter embrace for me!”Chen Fen just says very ambiguously and tooked a look sun Che in Europe again that to once make an effort fierce appearance.

The red Die almost wasn’t choked dead.

Really die presumably.

Tomorrow’s newspaper, affirmation will appear huge news.”A women were made track for by the mother-in-law to give birth to a kid, unexpectedly choked to die!”

Sun Che in Europe waited red Die to looking at nearby, on the whole is know Chen Fen where did that taste come from.

Once have a meal, sun Che in Europe took red Die to go out.

See, leave the day that she embraces a granddaughter, isn’t far.

“Sun Che in Europe, do you pull me to come out stem what?”Over the weekend, it is the day that she takes a rest.

, Will also drive living deprival?

“I am going to take part in a dinner, take you to buy a set of presentable clothes in t Mens Prada Trainers he evening!”Sun Che in Europe says chillily and thinks of the affair last night, he is depressed.

He is a normal man not very good, don’t in disorder sit a bosom, he is can’t.

Damned BE, that woman unexpectedly in every possible way leads him to up hang up.Although, that woman is still in the sleeping.

“Sun Che in Europe, you didn’t sleep satisfied is be not?You take part in a dinner and close me what matter?Should be that you buy clothes, isn’t me.My clothes I like very much, need not you worry.”Be really of, abandon perfect person, unexpectedly don’t even pass clothes.

Mama of, he unexpectedly didn’t well even say words.

occult art branding enter heart

Martedì, Settembre 2nd, 2014

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The leaf elder brother cautiously catches, sticks down a track and surmises its power.With from already of the heart method contrast and corroborate each other.

“Not to” he observed and learned a short moment, this kind of big way line in the method door turned a vitality track to living Pi.Have a little very much differently flavor.

“This isn’t the orthodox tradition center of earth method” he is corroborated by round sea book with way.It is a heart method to discover this to be different from, pour is like a kind of occult art.

In leaf any heart a move.The absolute being knows one light and free, cautiously hold, hard surmise, he more and more feels difficult to understand.

“This is that single secret place ground practice moral teachings occult art!”It vibrates in his heart.Contrast with legend, get such a conclusion.

The monk of ancient.Have a ground of person to fix a secret place.eventually can’t step to Kids Prada Trainers Outlet go into other secret places from cradle to the grave.

It is saied that.The ancient that fixs a secret place great ability will include nine to living nine hopeless situations to transmute.It is end.Breaking a cocoon to turn Die is returned to greatly satisfactory, start a pass.Then ten square cloud move, difference the elephant hurtle sky.

Certainly.This is the achievement in regularly tired month.Sometimes need whole life, don’t accomplish in one move.

Single secret place ground practices moral teachings and not only needs a strong heart method.Still it takes some thous oldly occult art to mutually assist.

Leaf any is always very curious.Want to understand this kind of to practice moral teachings road is what is the row, today unexpectedly the day peeped this kind of ancient occult art.

In the whole slice of eastern Huang.However a few thous through, he gets 《way through 》 round sea book, is the strongest heart method of this secret place.It is good enough to fix by using single secret place.

However have been lacking occult art to mutually assist, it is immediately some concussions in heart to at present must peep a big way Xuan machine.

He felt the spirit machine of big way and was good enough to explain this kind of occult art of difficult to understand, may with way through place on equal footing, ability with it match.

It has been few ten thousand yearses since this Huang thou saint body departs from this life.Though is immortal, after all not is live a body.At the moment difficult to express recovery.It is original of the heart method didn’t revolve, it was this kind of occult art to pour with the vitality but moved.Being good enough to explain is the w Mens Prada Trainers 2013 hole!

This is the most precious treasure to hide, is highest big way occult art.May match with 《way through 》 .

Leaf any accepts idea.Is silent to comprehend, hard observe and learn, the operation route of this kind of occult art.The branding in 1.1:00 into know sea.

He is an ancient Huang saint body, a life time nowadays can hardly walk of lead far, the way temple secret place chops in two front road, even the holy lands can not bear the source of amount of sea.

Even if he controls a source the book for sky, also very difficult, almost can not carry out.After all that kind of the astronomical figure is too huge.If the umbrella gets this kind of big way occult art.He is then many 1 kinds to choose.

This saint body remains, the meat body is immortal.The dry and hard muscle body overflows radiant brilliance.Let distance ground not several people are all very shocked.

“Small leaf do you make sure to have no problem?”Tu Fei asks a way.

“I say boy, you with that corpse at to eye?”The big black dog doubts of ask a way.

Leaf though any is hard placed in a turning point, is groping for this kind of big way occult a Prada Trainers Outlet rt.Or patiently of response, otherwise he is really worried that this several individuals begin.

After all.This saint body remains was too astonishing, stood by what he controled.Top of head absolute being clock.hold the green gold war Ge, be like brought to life generally.

“I have no matter, you need not worry.He and I are one mores to grow physical endowment, together the source spirit machine leads.I try and see to have a detection.”

He isn’t basically understand both why such.Say is annoy machine to lead long bow how much force too much.Probably can return a root to the Huang thou saint body of mysterious.

The scene at the moment is really a bit uncanny, a depart from this life tens of thousands years of person recovery.Let people have to associate a lot.Several people are on the alert.Observe.

1.1:00 time of past.Leaf any hard catches and holds, finally completely the occult art branding enter heart.

And then, he re- observes and learns.Certain absolutely safe.This just grows an one breath.Finally got this kind of big way occult art.

is this really her grandson

Martedì, Agosto 19th, 2014

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The white Feng dulcimer immediately explains that”we are to just just finish doing a check at the hospital and hadn’t come yet and told you!”

“Hum!My seeing you are to don’t want to tell ours!”The quarter’s father tone is surly to say.

White Feng dulcimer right away say not, “of course not BE!If yes words, I can’t speak now!The father-in-law please believe me, I absolutely can’t let the fine son suffer some injustice again!”

The quarter father facial expression dark uncertain looking at him, didn’t talk.

Quarter the fine son is a bit nervous, have some to worry of see this and see that!

The mother of quarter is some to see however go to, immediately tight Cu write eyebrows say with husband, “do you still want adherence to arrive when?Their second kids all had, you didn’t take care of them, let them like by themselves how how!”

For quarter mother, white the Feng dulcimer really appreciate.

Even if she will like this do all because quarter fine son, he still appreciates her very much!

The quarter fine son sees father’s facial expression poor, the arm that walked over to pull him right away acts in pettish, “dad’s ground, I beg you, you forgive white white!He really loves me very much, good to me!You trust, he will never dare to make a mess of!If he isn’t good to me hereafter, you killed him, I absolutely can’t Zu Rao!”

The quarter father saw her very long, the end intelligence helplessly sighed an one breath.

What can he also say?He says what still important?They twos were together early friendly, now even keep in mind second babies last, he the do a father of can also say what?
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He can not say anything, he can accept just!

The white Feng dulcimer says again that”father-in-law, call in you and hand over to me the fine son, I swear, I absolutely take good care of her and kid of, absolutely can’t make her be subjected to the least bit injustice!If I have no to obey commitment, so I don’t die a natural death!”

Quarter once the fine son listen to him this poison Shi not to do, “your puzzling hair what does the so poisonous poisonous Shi do?”

The white Feng dulcimer towards her glitter on smiling, “because I will definitely obey of!”

Looking at their two people to mutually see one that happy shape of smiling, quarter father also can helplessly sigh an one breath!

Just, just, the young man contains the viewpoint of young man, he is getting older, can’t take care of them!

“With you, you like to return to and then return to with him!”

Quarter once the fine son listen to, on the face immediately a pleased, “dad’s ground, that were you to forgive him?”

The quarter father is some to helplessly looking at her, “you all forgave him from the sons, can I also not forgive him?Just, want ~only you are happy good!”

“Xi Xi, I will be definitely very happy!”Quarter fine son immediately on his face kiss for a while.

See daughter happy smiling face, the quarter father is also very contented.
Womens Prada Trainers UK
He deeply sighed an one breath, “remember your this sentence, must be happy to let me see, otherwise I really killed this boy!”

The white Feng dulcimer says right away that”the father-in-law doesn’t worry, I will definitely give her happy!”Kneel to beg sharing

Renew a minimal mistake to please most quickly

【Is small white a time outside 】meddle in other people’s business

After their two people walks into, indeed as expected see her elder brother’s bosom lie prone 23-year-old child, shut eyes to lie prone on his bosom to go to bed, so don’t see clear.

The quarter mother also stares the kid whom the big eyes looking at his bosom, is this really her grandson?

The quarter Jie Ao coolly saw their one eye and sank a track, “don’t I bring back grandson to?Re, this be!”

it is an esthetic sense to wish

Martedì, Agosto 19th, 2014

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The Shu is wise and then isn’t that person who receives guest spirits, she after hearing a prince Yin 礽 the very considerate words hurtle a prince first to peep out a very sweet smiling face, then just sit at the prince nearby, the small voice says:”Thank Ye to make allowance for.” The prince smiled to smile and had already started to carry milk son to open mouth first.The princes all opened to eat, the Shu was wise to also follow to open to eat.She is also person’s milk this thing to the milk son really not habit, this meeting is again different from a home to give her the cook milk or goat milk to drink, so just once connected whistle son prosperous come of japonica rice gruel, fix attention on ex- small vegetables to eat. Xiao cloud’s seeing Shu wise after doing not fall a person as well has never waited upon a prince to take meal, hence signs a horse to jump the gun, gives the prince the cloth since the vegetables. The Shu is wise at have a meal of intermittent cloud also emphasizing to observe, seeing to Xiao is clearly the prince’s Womens Prada Trainers UK food habit very much, the vegetables prince of her cloth eats a little more morely, on the contrary the Shu was wise to clip in the beginning that several chopsticks vegetables prince was symbol to eat two people, purely for giving the Shu wise face just.The Shu is wise to hang to fix attention on skin good hard have own rice, but in the mind already give° those vegetableses that the prince often eat to record in mind. She at modern listen to father show to once put and heard before father mother gets married, the mother is all a far near famous beauty, make track for the mother’s persons can the area front door lined up maternal grandmother family since the childhood, can father by dint of carefully observation still have careful pry, after knowing mother’s favourite vegetables, and then descend bitterness the big kitchen of the effort and hotel learns those way of doings of vegetableses.Finally Leng is with outstandingly cook handicraft to give° the mother a captive. Was father to cook to try to please a mother at that time, had already become a daughter to carefully try to please a son-in-law now.This falls bad not and it may be said not big, put modern, the Shu is wise where use to try to please a man like this! Take heart for oneself standing in silent a short while, Shu being wise again.She doesn’t want with the prince’s husband and wife’s feelings put across history so, that can be worked hard to conduct husband and wife’s feelings.Shu although it is said wise know prince in the future will drive two discard to forbid with turn, but she two generation son just such a husband, want to change none of men to go.So she doesn’t think that the husband and wife lead the least bit feelings to all have no, both the husband and wife have no feelings, only have face feeling, isn’t that very sorrow? Discount Mens Prada Shoes Eat for meal the Shu Be wise to think a lot, waited to once use breakfast, the Shu was wise drive whistle son 4 people sit around to dressing table before, the matter wanting to do today is really a lot of, most most of be want to see a gift with Kangxi, queen mother, and the own sum Niang He that the Yin 礽 has been already died gives up an inside empress, the Shu is wise to also be going to pay a courtesy call on spirit tablet. Therefore, the Shu is wise to at will dress up, she needs to be packed just toward taking, pay a courtesy call on elder for the first time after getting married with bride similar, the rules is very many. Shu wisely toward taking an emperor son blessing still Jin toward taking of style, Kangxi didn’t formally set up formally her as princess, so can be two blessing Jin just just at this time.But the prince’s grade puts over there, the Shu is wise this blessing Jin of toward taking to also compare a rest emperor son blessing Jin toward taking to want complicated of many, four Shus are wise to bring of the big maid - in - waitings are all a bit very busy, is still that the Yu celebrate the small maid-in-waiting of temple to beside beat to start just and spend for a long time time to wear to complete. Ps:This is the chapter that owed last night, and today’s two chapters finished writing and then renew.We the wedding of this old schoolmate made Teng all day long and unfortunately in the evening make nuptial chamber don’t take part in, this isn’t the renewal Yao that still owes everyone, time play today always think, so is simply have already pushed a friend to run first back in the evening.Starting after the code word an in the mind being just at ease is a lot of, owe to more really grow mum endure long hardship!Moreover, I code word specially slow, leave of two more if night, close get up to see tomorrow morning, I afraid close etc. of too long, again influence sleep.Woman, sleep in the evening still earlier like to the skin well!Xi Xi …… Prince’s his highness that chapter 38 does one the honor Change like toward after taking, the Shu was wise and then signed Ma Re Chu whole body sweat.Although it is said toward taking compare yesterday’s full dress to have to be a little bit easy and convenient, but sultry the weather here descend to be dressed in to also very suffer mental agony. “Lord son, it’s time to doll up.”The whistle son of one side these three in the last yearses doll uped the handicraft of the most severe Zhang Jia’s mama to learn 890%, Zhang Jia’s mama didn’t follow Shu this time wise enter temple, so the whistle son starts to be responsible for Shu to wisely doll up on one’s own initiative. The Shu is wise to smell the speech ordering to nod, hand in the Chan of the Xiao son and the Zheng son again under return Prada Shoes High Tops to the front of the dressing table, simultaneously looking at Zheng son light and soft of chase her long hairbrush agreeable, part from wear the whistle son make up on her face.The hand of whistle son is very quick, she is again old man’s son that once waited upon Shu for wise 78 years, very clear to Shu wise habit.Drew a simple attire of frivolity for wise Shu on starting. “Or a little bit weighing of the painting is at 1:00!In case can not press toward taking of vehemence.”The Shu was wise to communicate to mirror after, thus order way. And the Yin 礽 having already worn to pack to complete at this time also gather together to come over, he listens to wise words of Shu also curiously stare at a wise face of Shu see along while, this just answer criticism a way:”How press not to live?The Gu sees blessing Jin so very good, weigh again some pour to seem to be older.The saying again the blessing Jin skin water is delicate pure white, those fat powder of need not let it be!” Where doesn’t the woman like oneself that man Kua is beautiful?The Shu is wise to listen to the prince’s words be on enjoying, it is an esthetic sense to wish this prince’s his highness to pour a little bit, after seeing her the nude makeup that has some modern have already done not be used to the heavy makeup in big Manchu Dynasty! “Go, press the Ye to say of do!”In good humor, Shu wise words ascend also at will several cents.The prince listenned to equally happy, he suddenly felt both the husband and wife if be like book up write so always mutually respectful and attentively also have no meaning, also not equal to and joy order an intimate point good!

learn rules in the home and more and

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The youth is invincible!Shu wise this age, nature be beautiful.

However exactly want into a temple this time, too the vegetable is clean not good.The wife consequently gave Shu wise to prepare a lot of jewelries, she knew the Shu is wise don’t like a Zan flower, so pour to is a gold and silver, jade article, precious stone, tortoise shell and order the type of Cui, coral a little more.In addition to wear on the head of, also have the eardrop to match into a set, ring and item the turn, beads what of, a box of box jewelry jewelry move to come up, really isn’t a general grand view.

After preparing to work to work well, the Shu is again wise to listen instructing of many mamas and wife this the twoth, after all want into a temple in January of long, person in the home’s remembering is also normal.

Finally, three in the days to come, the Shu is wise to enter a temple two the day choosing arrived.Don’t need an evening into the temple this time, so in early morning the Shu is wise and then bathe to change dress to doll up to dress up, after waiting until the room that she arrives at a wife, looking at a wife to give her the large burden of preparation, momentary the impulse that really has already done a hand to pull a luggage.
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Good heavens!Enter a temple of can only have her a person, how can move so many baggages?

However this meeting Shu is wise to say what all useless, wife a words gave her Dui back, listens to wife’s way:”Load what useless heart?Wait until natural someone in the courageous door takes burden for you, you remember with stayed a mind’s eye to go while showing the females to get along with.”

Say and gave repeated advice to rich reach a gift and celebrate some kind of virtuous, similarly let these two brotherses send to the temple the wise Shu to go.

Ascend mule cart, be devoted to walk faster, very quick, the courageous door arrived again.Celebrate virtuous children’s shoes just as last time the loach sort pushed into and waited Shu wise after getting off, see rich reach the gift have already beaten to order to like a grandfather, move the business of baggage to fix.

The Shu is wise to see the form also no longer worry, can say of all once says with two elder brothers at homes, she ordered to nod to 2 people of brothers, head don’t return as well of followed little grandfather to enter a temple.

Is a weather land utilization this time person and all have, the Shu is wise the least bit don’t waste of starting to conjecture and resisting garden.Walk into an agreeable Zhen door, pass by to postpone Hui Ge, saw the station of Cheng Rui of promise small pond son, also have appropriation in worship the Buddha of a thousand years station.In addition to these, strange stone rockery Jean the wood flower is also complete with everything, small smallly resist an one step inside the garden of one view, in fact is also have much of to see a head.

Only the Shu is wise to still have no this time ability lo to resist the entire content of garden, little grandfather takes Shu wise at west noodles this side pass by just.2 people after willing pass by a thousand years station, led one noodles side door, then along the Yong way arrived at to leave to resist a garden to keep to show a temple recently. Kids Prada Trainers Outlet

This time two talent show the females all live in to keep to show inside the temple, they want in the future for a month in have a meal a sleeping to learn rules here, wait for a month hereafter here take part in what the empresses managed the second time read to choose.

On entering to keep the front door of showing the temple, see first of is the shadow wall of one noodles stone carving, after once rounding shadow wall, see keep to show temple main temple those five clear halls a big house.Keep to show temple main temple both sides to then locate at two three set of roomses, as for inside behind that slightly small courtyard, the room is getting more more.It cover inside the building but be separated a many rooms behind.But these rooms are the temporary residences in show the females this month.

The little grandfather is the mama that takes a Zhang matter the wise Shu first there, is once seen wise famous brand of Shu by the Zhang matter mama, then point like room after, little grandfather just send to a Buddha send to west of help Shu wise move baggage building once.

Because’put together a dad’of cause, the Shu is wise the room living compare other show females still good, from outside see and then compare side of room greatly ascend many, again is face south of just to the room, pouring is is more stronger than living in the house of two sides.

The Shu is wise satisfied to the abodes that the mamas arrange, she part walk toward own room to, simultaneously guess right giving up of building friend together will be who, which know a to enter after the person whom the house sees an inside, she unexpectedly cannot help but call way:”Yi?Good Qiao!”

Chapter 24 unstable factor

The not strange Shu is wise surprised, live all in lo lo this house is who, the book orchid of E house still has t Genuine Prada Trainers UK he black La calmness that pulls a house and Anne Yun sister a pair, can don’t all not is an acquaintance?

3 people in the house’s seeing Shu wise is also one Leng, however they are very quick and then respond to come over, a nods to say hello.The Shu is wise to smile should several voice, then just make the little grandfather put her burden to the table of one side, and then give a dozen appreciate behind just let tired get the little grandfather of full head big sweat leave.

Once the outsider walk and remained their 4 people for inside the house.Because the cause of talent show, the big guy in fact didn’t see for more than a yearses, even quiet Anne Yun a pair the sister all want to learn rules in the home and more and fully have 23 years don’t gather together with everyone in the outside of.

Have some the friend’s feeling on the whole at 4 people so much, the bed that see a book orchid first point at one to depend an inside says:”Shu wise younger sister, that bed is yours.”Finish saying to point at a box in bed cage way again behind:”The baggage puts that box cage inside to go.”

even does she also want to be shameful

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“Lotus seed but good thing, the ability pure heart comes to Pi, repair medium rest and restore energy, the Jian Pi repair stomach of, can also prevent cancer anti-cancer, treatment decline blood pressure of ……” calmness really person not equal to it, a short while all’calmness’do not come down, clenched the effect of lotus seed to say a lot of words.

However this is obviously what has never hidden to block, connect to prevent cancer anti-cancer words all bald come out.This not, the autumn Tong miss again appears, a face curiously asks a way:”Quiet elder sister, what is prevent cancer anti-cancer?Still have that to decline blood pressure again is what disease?”

Quiet Yan, does this problem let how she answer?However this quick wit that is pure to wear a female Genuine Prada Trainers UK to obviously have a little son, the facial expression is to resume on changing original kind and smiled an answer way:”My also aming at a Gu originally curing in the book and seeing, concretely is what disease I also not that clear.”

“!Do I still think that the quiet elder sister is omniscient!”The autumn Tong children’s shoes smells the words that the speech sign a horse to eccentrically speak quiet bottom of the heart son of Chuo.

A few misses though the age is young, but these underlying words are also understand 12, an all the heart bottom Be stuffy to smile, inclined fix attention on the air of conjecturing the calmness.

Calmness indeed as expected once the air change and secretly stared autumn Tong one eye, then again the ill-wisher saw the person whom the eye Shu is wise, wish these 2 people to all want to marry an unlucky prince in the future, bitterness day behind, we don’t hold the same kind of view with them.
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So a think quiet heart bottom balance, smiled the appearance of smiling one vice- big degree heel oneself younger sister to talk go to.

A girl of peaceful modern wants to play mind’s eye son with the miss of everyone’s son in Manchu Dynasty, that be very difficult.The calmness thinks she underlying action no man can know, in fact is no matter the Tong that she stares an autumn that, is still that the ill-wisher see wise that eye of Shu, all of that are to have no the form escaped drive everyone the lo is in the eye bottom.

The autumn Tong naturally didn’t take pleasure in and turned to fix attention on bead to put that to think that the way revenges.As for the Shu is wise, from beat to see that dazzlingly clear of’pure wore a female’three big words, had been worrying own top of head to wear, pour is have no the energy thought to be another.

She part freely of should and wear the conversation of the young girls, simultaneously stay calm and collected of conjecture calmness.Skin words say this person of hometown to still is really a good appearance, white inside deeply red of, still have a kind of felling with smooth jade, eyelash again raise again long, although eyes are a lovely almond eye,wave’s only flowing to turn taking so one silk is charmingly feminine, cherry small, keep stand bridge, light with outlooking this born of concubine of pure wore a female to want beautiful looks for the Di female of obvious ratio mainland not only 10%.
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These seven young girls in in, the most beautiful on the outlooking of belong to this pure wear a female.Wanting to say can compare 12 with her of, is also an E book orchid and Li Jia Qiu Tong.So a ratio also understand to come over why autumn Tong will clearly inside dark inside of Sun calmness, the young girl obviously envied!

Eccentric to calmness in the Tong in autumn, Anne Yun and Zhi Hui lowers the head confabulation, the heart is soft to flatter to books orchid of time, descending people has already picked lotus Pengs to all come back.

The favour that the Shu is wise to see a form receives young lady younger sisters way:”The lotus Peng adopts back, we shell lotus seed.”Say her to clouds of many colors order way:”Divide this a few son lotus Pengs to the misses, take a few porcelain dishes again.”

Clouds of many colors blessing body should be, descend prepare.

The autumn Tong shells lotus seed to turn to fix attention on bead to destroy a way:”The quiet elder sister just said a lot of made into with the lotus seed of ate a food!Listen to I am unbearable to is curious, the rather quiet elder sister does several dishes for the younger sisters, let everyone taste fresh good?”

Get, this directly calmness be the kitchen Niang ordered, don’t know as well pure wear female calmness have to listen to out.

Chapter 9 two elder brotherses want

The calmness indeed as expected didn’t listen to an autumn trap within Tong words, a listen to someone make Mens Prada Trainers UK her do the delicious and sign Ma Le ha ha of say:”This fresh lotus seed wants to say to bestly eat a method to still directly peel to eat of, time eat can also put another lotus heart to make tea to drink, so pure subtle fragrance joss-stick of don’t also have taste.If think that the words that make into snack can also do frost sugar lotus seed, this frost sugar lotus seed makes it very so much, you think that the words that eat shelled to like lotus seed, I do, can not spend how much horary.”

The words of quiet sincerity though let the Tong in autumn come to an a purpose, but since the childhood wont ascertain intent through word and expres of public still had some be been pure by her this son make ashamed.The somebody elses all so no objectly did snack for big guy to eat, the big guy stilled sneering at somebody else is notter a little bit honest and kind than making kitchen Niang, .

Anne Yun sighed tone, this elder sister Shu because being cute and smart since the childhood have to Ma Ma in the home and liking of Ma, she is to don’t envy.2 people are at home once contended for to once rob as well, but the family is to represent black La that two sisters that pulls a house, it isn’t good-looking to pour the elder sister put to dedicate the ugly clearly, that is even does she also want to be shameful!

Sees Anne Yun lightly kicked calmness one feet at the table bottom, the morrow smiles to public say:”My elder sister also just started learning cooking recently, a spoke of to do to deliciously come right away interest.Only and exactly the elder sister not just and too masters in to this and why not makes the elder sister speak way of doing, is exclusively done by the kitchen Niang of your home, elder sister’s hand also saving livinged to frivol the lotus seed that we hard shell be not.”The effort that says words Anne Yun still don’t forget to a the Tong in autumn relentless of look in the eyes, make 1 of the Tongs in autumn to arouse to work properly, don’t dare to talk too much to run on a bank black La of somebody else that miss that pulls a house any further.

elder brother can’t betray hers

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Although result is mess 1:00, that is all as irrelevant as he, be she also isn’t likely to blame on a third party other people, right?

Lin Jing Zi You Xi thinks a point to nod, “does that have result?Is he getting more jealous?Are you getting more friendly?”

Quarter fine son immediately wry smile, “you see me now this appearance Be getting more friendly with him?”

If is really friendly, so he can’t have an opportunity to go out to have a meal together with her!

Lin Jing Zi You Xi thought to see her one eye and sank a voice to say, “sorry!”

The quarter fine son smiles to shake, “do not close your affair again, you say what sorry!”

“I just fear that I will make a mistake!”Lin Jing Zi You Xi thinks to speak fair a way very much.

The quarter fine son sighs, does this how say?

“This is me and his affair, originally also not is jealous not jealous can solve! Kids Prada Trainers Sale “The quarter fine son sighs a way.

“That still wants don’t do I help?”Lin Jing Zi You Xi thinks to cross-examine.

The quarter fine son immediately shakes head, “need not, you before have already helped me a lot of, thank you!”

She is to think, the essentials keeps to be apart from just right with him of, because of white the Feng dulcimer absolutely can’t would like to again see them two together!

She doesn’t think he gets angry, don’t think that he has been using that kind of the look in the eyes of the dark looking at her and imitate a Buddha, she is a how dirty person!

Lin Jing Zi You Xi thinks is like also feel her alienation, a little bit tiny after noding, don’t say w Womens Prada Sneakers UK hat again!

After having a meal, quarter the fine son say good-bye with him.

Lin Jing Zi You Xi thinks be like want to say what, but end still what didn’t say, said a sentence to see and then leave again!

The quarter fine son walks toward opposite side, be don’t want to return to, the in the mind is depressed, want to relax!

She now in fact is want to pass by old house in the house of white very much, but white the Feng dulcimer definitely don’t want to see hers now!

Calculate, since he doesn’t want to see her of words, so she doesn’t appear!

Like this think, she selfishly takes a stroll down the street, the hair is stunned, deeply think just.

Walk to walk, before and suddenly spread a familiarly shout a voice, “fine son, quarter fine son, I finally found out you!”

The quarter fine son smells speech and suddenly lift eyes, to worthy of a look front that person is that deep blue-eyed, the immediately tight Cu wears eyebrows, “cloth thunder boon, do you come to do what here?”
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Cloth thunder boon smile don’t smile of alignment she, Gao Da Dun’s figure covers with her, “fine son, I come here to certainly want to seek you!Do I seek you to seek very hard!”

“Who tell you me to am here?”Quarter fine son the tight Cu wear eyebrows inquiry, she just doesn’t believe that no one tells him he will appear.

“Is my elder brother?”She cross-examines.

The cloth thunder boon Song shrugs shoulders, “if your elder brother is willing to tell me, do you think that I also wait until now?”

The quarter fine son urged an one breath, she knew that his elder brother can’t betray hers!

But unexpectedly this person still can seek!

She rubs a temple and sinks a voice to say, “cloth thunder boon, I think that I have already said very understandly with you last time!”

they all have already been full

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The white Feng dulcimer looking at her, can say with her, “sorry ……”

【Is small white a time outside 】 don’t you want?

“, Friend!”They believe that the friend whom he says is a friend, will never believe towards seeing one eye, certainly being not each other!

Is after all an owner only, they also just in mind the stomach Fei BE.

The quarter fine son just don’ Womens Prada Sneakers UK t realize the other people’s vision and just selfishly looking at a white Feng dulcimer with that vision that has mercy on Xi Xi, “white white, I am getting more hungry.”

The white Feng dulcimer stared her one eye right away, because she that white white on exporting, everyone uses that curious about that the vision looking at them two.

He leans to her, at her ear gnash teeth in hatred way, “quarter fine son, don’t like this call me in the outside!Cha”

The quarter fine son stares big beautiful eyes to looking at him, “that is at home noodles can call?”

The orotund just right of this sentence, at the right moment present owners all hear.

White Feng dulcimer still really want to knock to open her head see her in what kind of actually constructed me!
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He thinks that she must be intentional!

After lifting Mou to stare her one eye, he says with her, “the darling shut to ascend your mouth, don’t talk!”

The quarter fine son continues to sadly looking at him, “but am I very hungry, can order a meal?”

White Feng dulcimer after staring her one eye, will wait on should recruit, let her order a meal.

The secretaries are all very curious to their relations, say to is a friend, but will a men let a female boyfriend live at his house?

Two people’s still is saying home noodles, that is what relate to be not put clearly?

Secretary Fang is bolder person, she is to directly and curiously ask, “vice-president, your friend is to live at your house of?Is that to sleep a room with you and still keep respectively sleeping a room?”

The white Feng dulcimer smells speech, immediately squint Jing smile don’t smile of stare at her, Men Prada Trainers Outlet “do you say?”

Secretary Fang shuts up right away, vice-president this shape really and too frightenned a person!

White Feng dulcimer warning of stared their one eye, again blather words for him to button up wages!

The meal that the quarter fine son orders came, she immediately shouted a , then for the eating of big, only because is really too hungry!

The white Feng dulcimer just didn’t also eat what, also ordered thing, immediately after also last, hence also quietly eat.

Although the secretaries are to really want to continue to find out a gossip here,they all have already been full, if they still don’t leave and estimate that their vice-president is about to dismantle their skin!

Not and in a short while after, here leave their two people.
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Quarter fine son eat one greater half hereafter just have a little to satisfy feeling, smilingly looking at him, “white white, etc. descend me can go to your company?”

“Do not go!”The white Feng dulcimer wants to don’t also want to directly refuse.

Quarter fine son immediately Cu eyebrow, “why?”

“Why does my company want to make you go to?”The white Feng dulcimer counter-questions.

Quarter fine son Jue mouth, not happy.

literally seek a men ended ownly

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people also don’t !”

Say, she will go toward an outside to hurtle.

The white Feng dulcimer eyebrows tight Cu, the subconscious held tight her wrist, “do you want to go where?”

“Let go!I go where have nothing to do with you!You are to don’t want to see I?I like what you expected!”The quarter fine son was quick temper to come up now and wanted to quell basically impossible!

White Feng dulcimer because of she of words, the facial expression becomes Yin Yu, “you calm down for me 1:00!”

“I calm down very much now, the person who don’t calm down is you!”The quarter fine son struggles, thick and red the neck toward him to roar low, ” you let go for me, I want to prove to let you see, I quarter fine son not right and wrong you can not!The other people whom you don’t want all rob to want!”

“Do I say what you exactly want to go out to do?”White Feng facial expression of the dulcimer is more and more difficult to see, only because just listenned to for him she is that words, how all feel not how normal!

The quarter fine son sneers at and strongly jilts to open his hand and raises chin to stare him, “do what?Certainly is seek man to make love!Now that my first time you don’t want, so I give other people!”

Words an over, she finishes opening blunt go out. Womens Prada Trainers

【Is small white a time outside 】the acting skill is still pretty quite good

The quarter fine son tightly embraces him, the tears is continuously to come from eyes inside run off.

The white Feng dulcimer deep breathing one breath, then lightly of push away her little, give her the tears of the canthus to wipe off, “lovely, what don’t think, take a bath to sleep to feel, wake up and then Be free!”

The quarter fine son blinks eyes and still keeps falling in and is like a child for frightenning and orders, “good ……”

The white Feng dulcimer immediately hugs she walks into a bedroom and seeks her own clothes for her and instructed her several after, make her go in to take a bath to take a shower.

Quarter fine son after tightly biting lower lip and seeing his one eye with that tears Mou, she just walks into a bathroom and closed Cha in the door.

After she go in, the white Feng dulcimer’s facial expression immediately becomes dark difficult to see and takes out a cellular phone and walk to make a phone call to come before falling to the ground a window.

But the quarter in the bathroom fine son after closing the door of bathroom, clapped a chest to urge an one breath right away.

Tears is like also a faucet, say to stop and then stop, and she still towards she in the mirror the mouth smiled to smile, where still have just that be humiliated of have mercy on kind I!

Although oneself’s eyes still a swollen and inflamed in the mirror write of, but she wanted to hum song.

If isn’t afraid that the white Feng dulcimer out of the quilt hears, she is to really want to hum song, because she the mood jump like sparrows very much now.

She knows he or concern hers very much, she this one stepped is walked right!

She towards she in the mirror the mouth smiled to smile, then start taking off clothes, prepare to wash a Zao of comfort!

The words say back, she yesterday of course not may drive the other people is what’s the matter.

If she is true of be humiliated by the other people of words, she absolutely can’t appear again in his in front.

But she is just and only acting in a play, purpose not just for taking down him! Discount Prada Sunglasses

She was really angry, had so for an instant yesterday she still really wanted to go to literally seek a men ended ownly for the first time, let white the Feng dulcimer regretted!

But her rational still just, just don’t do a so stupid affair!

Does she just don’t is mean she!

So, yesterday she still just this mansion in, basically, didn’t leave, but had been sitting on the stairs, also hungry all day long!

But kissing of neck scar, she is to see have two 78-year-old little girls have fun here, so coax a somebody else the little girl sucked to absorb an one mouthful on her neck, would leave so an ambiguous trace!

Who let the white Feng dulcimer make her so sad yesterday, she now make it all is what he forces.

naked arm of unique color beauty

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“Do not think that I didn’t know, you got 《 source book in the sky 》, affirmation can look for an absolute being source in the future.

“Look for to arrive also impossibly to you.”Confabulation for the first time, part on bad terms, leaf any is each with black Yu not concede.

Next day, quarrel again rise factory.

“Boy you give me a piece of absolute being source, I tell you a thou through of whereabouts, give me 10 pieces, I read silently a thou of department of a half for you through, give me 50 pieces, I give you the thou of an integrity through.”The black emperor teaches with skill and patience.

“How come you the different head ties into a too early thou mineral, how many pieces of absolute being source does the north area altogether have?Zhang Kou shuts up for 50 pieces for 10 pieces, do you think that this is a sweet potato?”Leaf any of the finger became a thin gold color and really thought on its dog’s head to clap several palms.

“Words can not say so, highest thou through is invaluable.Otherwise so, you tell the Confucian classics whereabouts of my demon clan big emperor ……”

“You say of these, can turn over, you can use the thou that the absolute being source changes a demon emperor through.”

Leaf’s son smiles.
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“Wang you are malicious!”The tone of the big black dog finally loosenned some, way:”We each other exchanges a thou through whereabouts, so who don’t suffer a los as well.”

“I feel to suffer a los, you this old Evil-doer too craftiness, who know that what you said is really a leave.”Leaf any took out a dark green Xuan turtle, in hand play, the another cause idea is such, this big black dog background is uncanny, and he wants to try the other party to see what.

He throws a fist in a row, but basically beats not ground, the stars diagram is like the war dress of absolute being Zhi, the fan receives but sacred, impede lived his boxing dint.

“Leaf any, we in fact can sit down to talk well.”Shake light saint female openings way, whole individual is covered with by the glory, continuously has a starlight to flow to turn.

Leaf any ignores her, direct know a few of her absolute beings to destroy, leaves 1 wisp and makes her able to open mouth to spread a sound.

“This is the saint female that I shake light holy land to fight dress, you can never broke off.”

“The saint female fights dress” I have never needed to broke off it, I it’s enough that need to take off another 1 F war dress.”Leaf any directly begins, will shake light saint a female gusset to tore bottom.

“You … shake only saint the female be not and lightly annoyed by his words, even frightenned by his action” can 6 Womens Prada Sneakers UK

“I want to record to open another war dress ratio to smash saint a female the war dress is easily many leaves any the action is light soft, but very resolute.


Another gusset spilts open, lightly moving like butterfly, float to fall outside the arbor.

Leaf any hand Lan wears to shake light saint female, another hand calmly acts.BE just preparing to open a treasure box, appreciate that the treasure is general.


The gusset slides.Fall to the ground such as the heavy flower, one of her jade arm nudity comes out, dazzlingly white, such as lotus water, white the jade living, the curve is soft, beauty moving.

The art object that is rated as Gui the United States, this jade arm, pure have no time, the sheen orders a point and call last ice muscle jade bone, delude public absolute being.

“Is really perfect” is leaf’s any evaluation, the voice is very soft.
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But listen to in the middle of shaking the light saint female’s ear,together blare such as the knife sword sort, she emotion motion violent, this is the affair that she has never dared and imagined.

“Leaf any.Do you know what you are doing?”She makes she’s tone even slow as far as possible.

“Understand naturally, I am appreciating the naked arm of unique color beauty, there is unfortunately no wine.More have no food, otherwise be float a big white.”

“Is small you”.See him thus self-satisfied, it is more ashamed and resentful to shake only saint female.

don’t the living creature of burn

Mercoledì, Agosto 13th, 2014

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Go. Shaking the performance of light saint son is too strong, none of owners ability even ridge, the state of mind is each not same. Several people together up, this don’t the clear living creature bone wings hide a sky, the body soars, big a while a lot of times, Gao Da Dun’s 30 meters, dance move breeze in a sky. Meantime, the sky distorts, being tied up generally is like public, all settled at air. “Sky, this is the really evil realm!”The old haft son is surprised to shout, the difficult Zheng moves, but the action is very It is slow-moving. “Too thou really evil realm!”Precious jade pond saint the female is also shocked, she all right moves difficulties. Even if such as absolute being Zhi the sort shake only saint son and also was subjected to influence and exceed an one step each time and all want saint light blunt Xiao, consume a great deal of divine power, otherwise action slow-moving. As for Li De’s livinging is settled, although is a monk of temple secret place, but the line silks are all Authentic Prada UK Can not move. In out of the sky, this Gao big blue living creature of 30 meters, ferocious and matchless, it slowly explores a big hand and grasps forward. Too thou really evil realm, extreme and terrible, even it was all subjected to influence by itself, dilatoriness a lot of, But far compare public strong. If this continues can, public affirmation is fraught with grim possibilities, the meeting is one by one torn to pieces! “Your grandpa of, how recognize quasi- I?”Leaf any shouts loudly unlucky, don’t the clear living creature leave him most Is near, grasp to him, want to smash it. However, the spot he is most a town settle, because the really evil realm didn’t influence him, its round sea and way the temple shake mysterious different dint and break up really evil realm to his influence. Leaf’s any moment clear, really evil realm equal to person the different elephant of the clan monk, his saint body is ve Kids Prada Trainers ry special, naturally overcome difference elephant. The absolute being body that connects a Ji house at the beginning exhibition difference elephant all what then not he, come up to say that from a certain meaning Is person’s clan together rank’s strongest difference elephant. The really evil realm is surely terrible, but inside the category of still just different elephant, not and certainly live him. Leaf any generally hurtled to go out such as the lightning and immediately made the owner shocked and felt unimaginable, all uninfluenced in the really evil realm, this is too unimaginable. He directly will leave a god of fire stove to invoke to come over and quickly present, the copper stove soars and go directly to 100 meters Gao. Men Prada Trainers Outlet “The Mao is” The stove covers with quilt to open, the stove has already soared 100% enough to spares, leave fire Tao for sky, a while to that don’t the living creature of burn. Side, several people are all dumbstruck, this also makes people be getting more surprised too much. The really evil realm He He has, the anything but general different elephant can compare of, otherwise they aren’t likely to be also tied up, acted dilatoriness. Leaf any fixs for clearly didn’t they are deep, can not only act, but also can urge divine power, present peculiar stove.

urges to ask at the same time with

Lunedì, Agosto 11th, 2014

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Clearly walked five insides, but come to a stop behind go deep into 20 insides a while far, remit to too early thou the starlight of the mineral it is thus clear that, such as one an expanse of white big waterfalls is horizontal in place ahead.”Way long your vital part dies we,……………”Chen Huai far surprised track. “Is no harm, we follow original road to return.”Leaf any is also very shocked, this place of”rule” with, “order”, distort of fierce. Coming in to easily go out is difficult, short short 20 insides, 4 people fully tossed about a hour, don’t head for back to walk, but continuously round a line. If isn’t leaf’s all things first according to 《the source book in the sky 》 in the road.Engrave next the special line net print to record and basically walk not to come out. What person lefts like old haft son,etc printed to record to all obliterate, difficult to express disappear”only leaf any the source line net in the sky that leave still survive some. “I how feel, the root for walking isn’t a straight line, but at left turn to turn to the right, round a lot of curves just be come out?”, The old haft son doesn’t understand. “This is the field that the absolute being derives from however stirs up can to, luckily just in the edge, here didn’t produce the variety of heavy Ao, we return calculate more lucky.”, Leaf any answers a way. Mens Prada Trainers Sale , “Can escape?”, Li De livings hurriedly of ask a way. “Still want in many ways a sounding out of several times, otherwise, I didn’t have confidence.”, “Still need to try?!”Chen Huai Yuan is nervous. , “Do you have a better way?”The old haft son is horizontal his one eye. In a next hour, leaf any sounded out several times again”among them the last time is the most dangerous, unexpectedly a while ex- went 30 inside, connect the faces of old haft son all white. At the moment, mutually being apart from a too early thou mineral the shortage already 5610 inside, can clearly see a full sky of silvery rivers dripping to drop down. The shining glory of pure color completely will drown there and seem to be soft but again sanctity. “What is that ?!”, Leaf any is shocked. The too early thou mineral isn’t likely to see in the underground, but air of everything can come into view, there are some bright brilliant things rushing out from the thou the mineral, deeply float. A full sky of starlights become river, such as the waterfalls hang to fall but descend, but those thing than it still want Xun lousy, in a short while rise into air, in a short while again sink into an underground. “May be an absolute being source!”The old haft son Mi cuts off eyes and projects two sharp ray of lights. , “Absolute being source?!”Leaf any was shocked, not bound by the stone wallet, swallowed star Hui,those sources became Jing not become?In no case a cake of, if there are 45 lights, order is drifting along, but this returns just he can see. “I saw a corpse, … - … , …” Li De livings lips to cringe, sallow. “What, where?”Leaf any is surprised. ” In the sky of too early thou mineral, deeply float, in a short while submerge an underground, in a short while rise into a starlight.”Li De livings to shiver. Authentic Prada Outlet The “talk nonsense ……” old haft son scolds a way:”The too early thou mineral there is mysterious difference dints separating, even I see not pure, can see some only order, how can you see?” “My left eye ……, …is a born Yin night eye, can occasionally see some special things.”Li De livings surprised fear to at the moment matchless. , “The left eyes are Yin nights H’m …… , … , …”, the old haft son is shocked. Is also one earthquake in leaf any heart, he once heard this kind of Mou son, the day after tomorrow can hardly fix, that is born, can see through Yin night. “Say quickly, what did you still see?!”Leaf any urges to ask at the same time with old haft son. “Those corpse, continuously.Rise, submerge a starlight, and then and slowly descend to sink, get into the earth bottom, there are manies.”Li De livings almost somniloquy, face.Have no a little blood-red color. He could not see the another, even the absolute being source can not see either, he fixs for not enough, the left eyes can just occasionally see pure Yin night.

embrace mountain but sign

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Be separated to there are also far ten Zhangses, his arm with sudden force one earthquake, the right hand kneads into a claw form, each finger grows to reach to count a rice long, root the root is black green, there is the lightning flash of a way purple color curling up, Pa in the Mao make ring.

In the sky, immediately fill the air breathing that lets people’s heart palpitates, this is destructive dint

Quantity, brutal and terrible!

The huge claw in bird blue is continuing to enlarge, almost for an instant, overalied the sky, square circle the foot contain more than 100 rices, the lightning flashes roll of thunder is like a dark cloud, thoroughly leaf any covers with in the underneath.

“Mao Ca!
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Is blood-red color, of lightning flash, maneuver intertexture, land from that, split to kill down.These are Mi method and divine power to combine, fast disease but violent in action!

The huge claw is horizontal empty, press to cover world, this kind of strong attack, let people have a choking felling.

Leaf any calmly faces, his should be simple but direct to means and wielded a right boxing to face up, aureate fist’s being different from was the Qu of flesh and blood, brilliant, be like just from the absolute being stove hammer chain of.

Is present and public to leave fire to teach of too up the elder was full of confidence, after all this is a way temple the old generation of third state is strong, deal with a youth’s superior not to say hand to capture also about.”Bomb”

But, the result comes from anticipating of owner, that aureate fist-negative empty but up, in a twinkling broke off that huge light claw, the Wei certainly doesn’t reduce, the lightning gleams.


Leaf any of gold color fist, have to have no the destructive power that compares by Lun, have no hard not Cui, a Prada Trainers while will leave fire to teach too ascend the Zhang of elder pointed to beat to explode.

The blood orders a point, ray of light a way, leave fire to teach too up elder be like if is kissed by snake, half side the body be all shivering, horizontal flew to go out.

Very difficult imagination leaf any of the gold color fist has how big strength, truely what to touch is only a claw”however is the meat body that ascends elder too much, in the aureate Gang breeze that wipe just, make him be getting more unbearable, the whole better arm thoroughly transformed and distorted.

“This how may, he just how old, the meat body is how can thus arrogant, unexpectedly maze

Third state of old generation the strong beat to fly.

“Doing not need is too unimaginable, meat body may specific weight treasure, the pure strength will ascend to grow too much

Is old of of smash, this ……

Those pupils all pour to absorb an air conditioner, ten thousand ten thousand don’t thought of that the meeting is such a result, thought of the words lately, kept emitting in their heart algidity.

This small Taoist priest is absolutely an Evil-doer, perhaps spread a person than the holy land from the same age to still have to be terrible, to ascend enemy no one like this to smile again of come out.

At the moment, owner all to leaf any hopes to go, people shockedly discover, his negative hand but sign, the way dress floats, just that shot is very at will.

“You ……” leaves fire to teach too up elder, in the heart of shocking, can not describe with the speech. Mens Prada Trainers Sale

He full head China deliver in great disorder dance in the wind, quickly connect to break arm so much, a greatly drink, the Zhang slowly rows, is like raising Tashan_sort, shake terrible breathing, such as roaring waves shot sky.


Keep in mind

At his embrace in, unexpectedly and really present a sacred mountain, embrace mountain but sign, jamed his chest to send forth suppressing of a difficult speech, had to have no with the strong pressure that the Lun compares!

“Embrace mountain to print!

relics beads to is stained with to have

Domenica, Agosto 10th, 2014

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Distance, the eye pupil son of Li Hei Shui almost stares out, the nun started. Sigh a way:”Indeed as expected, indeed as expected, finally to “Animals animals, heavy taste heavy taste Nun nun …… Tu Fei rubs a hand. “I say that emperor’s sub- his highness you how was this ?”The bosom Ren asks emperor’s son in big summer. At the moment, big summer the face of emperor’s son up again difficult have already smiled an idea to lead-, even if is being the precious jade pond saint female’s noodles, It is also hard happy. Just left one small meeting son, that had no good small Taoist priest incredibly like dog skin medicated plaster glue in the past, dared to seduce him big summer the younger sister of emperor’s son, really is …… He still has never met Taoist priest like this, clearly know that being the emperor of the immorta Prada Shoes Outlet l emperor dynasty is female, dares also Strike up a conversation. “I ……” big summer emperor son piece open mouth, but the detection has no what can say of exit. This place, white dress small nun but full of beans, catch a leaf any of hand, turned over to see that that beads in the past. “This is ……I how felt the breathing of Buddha again, more heavy, is like the true body of Buddha Here, pick to see for me quickly. “Continue to say, just you have already mentioned if come.”Leaf any presses. “More than 2,000 year agos there was one calling to suddenly arrive at this world su Authentic Prada Shoes ch as the comer, don’t know that he did what, afterwards concerning his everythingses all disappeared.”The small nun is partial to a head to think number-think, way:”You take off beads, I can all think of. Leaf any immediately enjoyed, way:”Good. Idea “Being not a true Buddha still keeps being the breathing of the Buddhism rebel.’Turn over to see beads. Small nun Du mouth, very disaffection “What did Gautamas all do?”Leaf any cross-examines. “He power Tao sky, develop beard Mi mountain …… Early spring joyful festival, the Chen east blesses all book friends, most favorable auspices.Kiss last year for month, leave smiling face, wash out exhausted, bloom smiling face.Wish everyone in new year, the peace and health is happy, the happiness is satisfied.The Chen east made New Year’s visited for each book friend! .. Kids Prada Trainers Outlet Chapter 217 ten thousand methods don’t invade Although the “such as after coming to develop a beard Mi mountain, carved a temple in the mountain” white dress small nun said this Buddhist relics beads to is stained with to have the Pan Buddha the breathing of the on,still turned over to see in the past, very anxious to can clenching of a per down check cautiously. “Afterwards?”Leaf any urges to ask. “What afterwards?”The small nun carelessly answers a way, but is cautiously moving back and forth beads.

and winked to arrive at village outside

Domenica, Agosto 10th, 2014

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The person of thunder surname and Wang Xing knows that own ancestry contains special place naturally, however don’t know to isn’t person’s clan, 2 people have no what hesitant, all stab to break finger, spread a few bloods.

“Being red and medium to become bright is light and silvery to gleam, this kind of natural endowments makes people praise highly and envies.”

Leaf any..Their blood, however have in fine threads silver light just, with pure of the silver blood is totally different, then had such of absolute being ability, be imaginable their ancestry it is strong.

“Perhaps being also a place of honor in the ammonite thing even is a blood royal.”Leaf any heart in from the language, this kind of words he is to can not speak oscular.

“The leaf little elder brother is all right?”Wang Shu suspiciously asks a way, how much h Kids Prada Trainers Outlet ave some to worry.”Can’t become monster?”

Two Leng sons also Nao head, very obviously they once heard some legends of Zu.”This is the good matter, you didn’t need to be worried.”

Leaf any is careful to check, discovering their sum bones is very mysterious, conjoint with the origin in the skull.His absolute being knows what it is strong, strong line of break to go into them of know sea, discover to completely is the mankind’s characteristic, not be too worried that they will become an ammonite thing.

BE more opposite than these, leaf any is truely shocked is those nine pieces of stones of precious jade pond to anticipate, the thing of internal stired up Wang Shu and the absolute being ability of thunder Bo, most is close by with their blood.”Is really a good matter, we hereafter whether can also fly up the sky?”The ray of light all peeped out to crave for in the 2 people’s eyes.

Leaf any smiled to order to nod, way:”If you would like to, all right now.”

“Is true, how attain?”2 people rice all canned not consider of to up eat, let leaf any teaches them.”This ……” flank, Zhang Wu Ye peeps out a sorrow color.

“Old man’s house you trust, this is really a good matter.”Leaf any beats 2 people to deliver a hospital, to Zhang Wu Ye Mens Prada Trainers 2013 ’s way:”They have already been assimilated to behave a clan, only is a natural endowments to awake, need not worry what, good enough to hereafter to guard stone Zhai.”

Wang Shu is like a gate with the sum bone of two Leng sons, connect mysterious origin, the absolute being can moisten body, they with the monk of absolute being bridge state have no where is the difference.Leaf’s any method that teaches to their operation absolute being ability, 2 people soon leave ground but rise, the silvery fog spirit wraps up they, shake to sway, fly to air.

“Burst”, “burst”2 people sank into down from Gao Kong, leaf’s any haste was blunt in the past, picked them up.

The real strenght may compare absolute being bridge monk, if fall dead like this, the fun is a lot too big and afraid of meeting drive regard as the reverse side teaching material load in a self-discipline history.
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“Doing not fly is so high, is leaving ground three practices, when and thoroughly control, I am teaching Xi you other skills.”From from this day, the person in the stone Zhai saw every day two shout small call, at the surroundings flew around.Since this day, no one calls again the nickname of two Leng sons, start calling its autonym thunder Bo.

Turned an eye to pass by for half month, leaf any is making stronger the absolute being of heart to hide and delving into 《the source book in the sky 》 , already first step control to another day change ground, certainly be only limited by to change own facial appearance and qualities.

Want to change the looks of mountain and stream the earth, he still differs far, big source Shu like that, then needing to fix an empress to expect can hold.

In this period, he has been being paying attention to the precious jade pond saint female’s trend, indeed as expected such as fly say of so, at north each city of area takes a stroll.

“See appearance, in a short time she can’t return to precious jade pond.”

Leaf’s any decision promotes state again, conveniently will another day change ground to fix profound territory ground, otherwise expose, will be that the life and death is greatly troublesome.

At present, he has already had already completely comprehended the early article of the source book in the sky, he decides to go to “sweep a source”.Thousand catties of sources is a big sum, think each big wager lane in the stone shop comes out from the even rock city, there is certain difficulty.
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However, wanting to come can gather together together, his source Shu advances by leaps and bounds, should can’t accidentally lose in the wager stone shop of these first floors.

“Not like ……”

Have suddenly village the person comes to be rattled of comes to seek a leaf any.”How?”Leaf any wakes up from sit quietly and meditate, didn’t wait that village person to say, he responded village to go out a problem.

“Saving Zhang Wu Ye quickly was quickly killed.” The village person’s air sending letter is anxious, panic nervous piece.

Leaf any Teng stood, the one step exceeded, the moment disappears and winked to arrive at village outside.Zhang Wu Ye with disheveled hair, the cheeks swells, there is one continuously clear blue fingerprint, the corner of mouth still has to be stained with before the chest full the blood stain be obviously taken out mouth.

Two Leng son dissatisfied way of

Giovedì, Agosto 7th, 2014

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” Don’t rise, we have their our own ruleses here, isn’t any miscellaneous person can come in and go out.”Several people of front all embrace a double arm, love the response way of answering the disregard, after childe Liu of green Xia door goes in, the smiling face on their face has been already laid up.

“How many sources can go in?”Two the Leng son jar Ping-jar asking of spirit way.

“The best source that we is all old pit to adopt out here stone, there is no a catty of source, can not once exceed this.”Several people the color of slight of the one face, way:”Have no of words, I advise you be still the time of the honesty mineral well.

Leaf any didn’t say what, directly take out a catty of source, in the moment swayed to sway at them, to in move forward but go to.

When Wang Shu passed by doorman, way:”Wait and in a short while make you cry.

“To, let you helplessly looking at, what call the wager stone saint hand.”Also two Leng sons spirit shouts of say.

“Ah, you really came in.”Front, the attendant of green Xia door is very surprised, the way of strange voice strange spirit:”A catty of source, this get Zu Sun San Dai dig up very long-term, accumulate Zan for several years, is really not easy, we together play several hands and take to harm in the wager how?”

Prada Trainers Chapter 199 source Shu

“Being lazy must manage you” Wang Shu changes direction a head part, have never taken to manage that person.”The temper is still not small.”The person of green Xia door says with smile:”Is also, Xin, a Chinese family name is hard bitter, several talented persons accumulated Zan so many sources, in case of output to how do, still a little bit more careful is good.”

“You are little eccentric, we don’t wish to hold the same kind of view with you.”Two Leng sons more true, stare pass by.

“Bumpkin, the wager stone risk runs to come to bump a great luck here biggest, when the time comes cry all don’t know how to cry.”The attendant taunt of the green Xia door way:”Be not I say you, really isn’t the place that you can come here, adopting a source the person is to would not° until duty is some be good.”

“Rolling a part is foolish to go, the Ye has a source, would like to come to this and close your fart matter, salty eat turnip of thin heart.”Two Leng sons are very direct.Wang Shu also says with smile:”Or tube good yourself, don’t lose of become bankrupt, ten wagers are nine Kuas, till the last cry to climb to go out.”

“Your person like this ……do not see the noodles of dying.”That attendant is some to become angry from embarrassment, way:”The mineral well is your foolish place, don’t the mouth is hard, after in a short while going in, have you the time for crying .”

Green Xia that Liu’s childe in door Be wrinkly to knit the brows, to that:”Heel their person like this disputes what.”Say, he moves forward to go straight up to go, he nearby of the persons all go but go to before following behind.

There are a lot of heavy courtyards in the glory Xiang wager stone shop, the source stone is everywhere, greatly arrive tens of thousands catties, small arrive several two, closely.

The first weighs courtyard, very obviously the most second class, have no several people to stay around this.Here is the all the most common source stone, even can say, all of a lot of rocks literally pull back a Chong number.

Leaf any has no hasty leave, he the foundation article of 《the source book in the sky 》 view over after, be want out practice for a while, don’t lie in can the wager arrive pure of source, but lie in enriching experience.He weighs in the hospital and turns leisurely in the first and clap this piece of, and then knock that piece of, a very earnest appearance.

“Leaf little elder brother, the source here stone doesn’t have the good goods and all receive a person, let’s enter an inside to go.”Wang Shu aside suggests.

“Is no harm, today mainly in order to try water, see first, don’t be hasty.”Leaf any didn’t move a step.

Not the distance spreads to chuckle, stops the door-keeper that they come in before doorman gets close to this heavy courtyard, and embraces arm to aside join a crowd for fun.

“Smile hair, go, pour a few tea and drinks.”Two Leng sons stare a way.
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“Still pour tea water, compose to arrive not small!”One person in the doorman didn’t like the response way of spirit.”Come in is a guest, don’t understand rules?”Wang Shu smells speech and once turn round a way:”Are you to treat a guest like this?Let you pour tea and then hurriedly pour, little useless talk.”

Immediately, one person stares to have eyes, way:”You small Du son, however is adopt a source person to incredibly start to put a table for us to come just!”

“Go, you the source here the teacher seek, I want to ask him, want to start to close door to do business?Connect a gatekeeper to dare to also talk nonsense.”Wang Shu sneer way.

“Get, hurriedly pour several cup tea for them, beat hair to settle a dispute.”Several people don’t want to make affair greatly, if disturbed some honored guests, they can not eat Dou to walk.Two Leng son dissatisfied way of Du Rang.

A few door-keeper facial expression are metal gray, the complexion isn’t kind, bad mercilessly stared his several eyes.Leaf any turned 1 in the hospital, discovered the source here what stone contains several thousand pieces, all really

cloud flies a dust free from vulgarity

Lunedì, Agosto 4th, 2014

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This lets to undulate very much in leaf’s any heart, the fire area unexpectedly involved fairy, there is also Huang tower, although however several empty pen, the speech is misty, but make him hard and quiet.Leaf any returns the 7 F fire area and prepares to think the Ding of way forging oneself.

Multicolored cloud Yan temperature is intensely hot, can cremate a somebody Jin, what to carry is terror.In the ancient works, call that this kind of colourful fog is sparse Jean in fire, a life time rare, the whole slice of southern area only and here didn’t cut off, is the best fire of the chain machine source.

Leaf any tries after careful Shuo and takes multicolored cloud Yan by Ding and send into a round sea, separate by boundless gold color, first step success.But, just for an instant he then color.

This kind of flame is too terrible, the gold color is boundless all hard thoroughly isolate that kind of calories, let his body have withered danger.

Is total of come to say, he fix to fix for being far far not enough, even if physical endowment being special also hard propping up, after all his saint body didn’t°yetting.

The somebody who connects a Ji house all chooses the 6 F fire area chain machine, don’t dare easily and get into 7 F, be imaginable the terror of multicolored cloud Yan.

Turning point, the that stub within a sea of woes green lotus lightly shakes Zhan, the fog spirit fan receives, a while round the sea drowned, the fresh and cool felling fills the air in the body.

Leaf any feel that oneself took a risk too much at a stretch, if not is have so one stub mysterious green lotus, he perhaps and really has some danger.”Now that have been already started, will attain had better.”He continuously draws to take many colors cloud Yan to go into a body and asks for help of a green lotus to protect sea.Finally, the multicolored cloud Yan seethes, flaming combustion, he is just away with it after enough forging Ding.So, exactly a month, leaf any all the Ding in the forging itself.
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The multicolored cloud Yan put out a lot of times, he didn’t know to draw to take as well how much fire Jing, until again past two months he just comes to a stop.

More the Ding Ning did, more of the thou is plain, after the forging of multicolored cloud Yan, the fan of one inside the Ding receives, the creation mother annoys to living an interest not, re- appear.

This is the creation the mother annoys of source root, not dried up forever, seamlessly, after some kind of forgings, the mother annoys to re- overflow, Ding not at die Ji, be like had life.

Go to this, the chain machine told a paragraph, he didn’t intend to get into the 8 F fire area, making use of the multicolored cloud Yan is already his extreme limit, can wait to fix in the days to come for aggressive again come this place.And then, he after being silent to practice moral teachings in the ground, preparing to wait the external world thoroughly the all is calm keeps off south area.Led one again umbrella month, in this day, leaf any suddenly hears a fire area the unauthorized biography coming to monster roaring cry.” Again does the somebody come to this chain machine?”He goes in secret but, conjecture to the afar.In addition to fire area, is an one barren land, the earth is dry and cracked, completely devastated.

At the moment, have several pretty monster, sign in the unreal, the scales and shell was ferocious, full of desolate spirit, each knight is all strong to have no, iron dress gleams, and the algidity is dark.

Leaf any is a bit surprised, unexpectedly saw Ji for purple month, she the Mou Yun poem Jing, light and free nature, the purple dress floats, like Ling Po’s pretty woman, landed in the ground from the air, silent to fire area inside hope.

In the sky, plentiful absolute being to blue dress man is like jade, the dress Mei hunts, such as the absolute being Zhi of Nian flower”fall on the ground together, is exactly China cloud of the Xuan door to fly too much with her.”Leaf’s younger brother, we came to see you, if you the spring bottom has been already known, rest peacefully.”China cloud flies voice to take magnetism.

Leaf any true dollar language, clearly on the hoof, but be like this cursed, he knew not to know what good.”Cousin Hua, you another place turn, I think a person to calm down.”The Ji purple month is calm of openings.”Good.”China cloud flew to order to nod, didn’t say more what, round a fire area but go.

The Ji purple month calmed down to sign a short moment and and then began in person, in hand the lance digs soil on the ground.The knight of rear comes forward and wants to help, is obstructed by her, she digs a deep pit in person and falls leaf’s any Xiao in the clothes of Zhuo Feng to put into.

Fill soil and then up, form a grave head, ahead the noodles signed a piece of stone tablet, there is jade pointing at up engraved a row of characters vestige.Leaf any didn’t talk wry smile, clearly on the hoof, but even have graves.

The Ji purple month is in the headgear before the Zhong, silent have no language, is as different as chalk and cheese in normal times with cheery personality, very quiet, all once in a very long while didn’t move an one step.

At this time, leaf any rules i China cloud flew in to go into a fire area, is like cloud in one blue to lightly work properly to have no voice.”Does this guy want to do what?”Leaf any with him mutually be apart from very far and quietly observation. Mens Prada Trainers Outlet

Suddenly, his facial expression is one Zhi, Mou son a while relentless get up, he sees an acquaintance, shape picks Gao of the old, appear in the fire area, fly to salute to China cloud.At the beginning, a hemp mourning garment hand holds the 5 F silver tower and makes track for to kill him and Ji purple month, almost make him die with a deep regret.Few months ago, the hemp mourning garment person is in the fire area was cut by him kill, he ever see this old man come explore.”China cloud flies!”The leaf who ten thousand ten thousand didn’t thought of, real backstage directs is unexpectedly China cloud to fly and really come from his idea to anticipate.

In his impression, China cloud flies a dust free from vulgarity, a song plays finish, 100 birds come to dynasty, the all flowers blooms for it, such as the Zhe fairy face a dust.

Such a plentiful absolute being is like the man of jade, there is the Zi of a dust, there is the flavor that work properly the Hui, scheming but if deeply sink to this, the means is malicious hot, really let the Lin in his heart however.

the other shore state can not escape

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Clock, tower, print an etc. machine the most difficult fiesta chain, with the person whom they do weapon, general circumstance to say to is all extraordinary Luo person, but truely fix to till the last have results to show of person, affirmation will include the achievement of hard imagination.

“It is saied that, non- cover generation the superior can not become Huang Nu, with these with clock, tower, print etc. for the person of weapon is in former days most likely an all astounding person, perhaps can at thou look for to jot down in the history.”

Leaf any walk to return to spring pond side quickly, he wants to thoroughly resume vitality and continues to take off two aureate fruits, and the aureate energy is like trickle small stream, drip toward his flesh and blood and the internal organs and the skeleton.

His body blooms a bright glory, the aureate energy overflows in addition to body, let he of the body is radiant and flickering, carve but become like the absolute being jade, the prosperous life breathing fills the air but, the muscle body thoroughly resumes and gleams treasure Hui.At the moment, leaf any again became a ten how old youths.

He felt strong divine power, the life vitality was seething, billowing like great waves, dashing surge, his the viscera absolute being Hui Zhan Zhan, without blemish pure, the skeleton is also a Can Can to livings Hui and coagulate absolute being China, but skin the quickly passing time then overflow colourful, dazzling and matchless, it is the Qu of flesh and blood to basically be different from, pour is like the absolute being Zhi that the people of this world godliness worships.

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Chapter 110 invaluable thou word

Two total any through take to eat the tea fruit that next four gold cooks.Leaf several feeling goods resumed most Dian allied Zi, **without blemish pure, radiant and extremely keen absolute being machine, raise hand to lift enough, divine power surge, he feels**arrogant many. Authentic Prada Trainers Sale

“Under endless abyss, ” Huang, of the strength is indeed as expected terrible, holy land and the Huang thou noble families all helpless, in this world only then the saint fruit can break up it, no wonder that from time immemorial gain considerable fame east the Huang is indeed as expected an absolute being medicine.”

While getting into the Huang thou forbidden ground, a bones after collapsing ground make more than ten knights with strong successively dead, be imaginable the strength of”Huang” is how terrible.But leaf any drive more terrible Huang Nu attack, on the body the breathing of”Huang” tainted with more very, if isn’t that he owns a Huang ancient saint body, and takes absolute being medicine, is certain to die.

“The sides of the poisonous insect den mostly have already counteracted poison to work properly a medicine, this sentence indeed as expected has certain truth”

This life forbids area it may be said very mysterious and wicked, but in this kind of hopeless situation but living nine kinds of saint medicines, people have to marvel.

“Have already thoroughly resumed youth, I should promote my own real strenght.”Leaf any heart in very excited, he needs a strong saint medicine, help it to break again.

However, when he sees his own reflection on water in the spring pond, immediately startled, he seems again small some, became an about 13 years old youth, unexpectedly take one silk on the cheeks of that comeliness in water childish and pure.

Leaf any immediately had no dint to groan, way:”Send greetings to your forbears, I if take umbrella one more aureate saint fruit, not is become a white white soft and tender infant?”

After thoughting of the result of this fearfulness, he is a bit greatly terrified, if become an infant on the endless abyss, the words fun like that canned be really big.

“Your grandpa of”.

Leaf any deliberated very for a long time, didn’t also want to serve as what way, immediately feel a burst of headache.

The spring pool side altogether has 11 stub small tree, there are still at the moment seven aureate saint fruits, radiant deeply bright, the glory orders a point, the Xin joss-stick comes into nostrils, repeatedly fragrant let person’s deeply drunk.

“Have!”Suddenly, he thoughted of 《 way through 》in of jot down, several empty pen, in brief mentioned a kind of ancient way, crack down on one’s self by”machine”, carry out “the abyss of time”.
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“With mine” Ding, crack down on oneself, then take food absolute being of, so have no problem.”However, he doesn’t dare to take a risk here, in case of wrong, have no dead burial ground.

Leaf any from took out a few jade boxes in the bosom, very carefully put into after taking off an aureate saint fruit.His felling is like holding seven absolute being to hide, carefully accepted, this was the self-discipline Huang thou the absolute being medicine of the saint body, extremely admit of no to lose!

“Come to hand on the whole.”He grew one breath.Is extreme danger, finally successful.Thought of a house, Ji house and shake light holy land three square all of person’s horses put out, even more the monks of the other shore state can not escape by sheer luck, he felt to pick a saint medicine really too difficult and immediately made him rise sense of achievement.

Leaf any station is started and takes a distant view seven other saint mountains, from the language way:”Still have seven kinds of absolute being medicines

chock to death that red fire now

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The red Die hasn’t responded to come over to this a series of affair.Hand, be been held tight by a big hand.

It is very cool, didn’t be so warm.

“How?Is so quick and then want to throw bosom to send to embrace?However, I don’t like to be second hand!”Affirmed red Die, and blazed the strong city has one leg.

“Dead abnormal condition male, you big Ye of, see the a see many!Or, be harmed by feelings?”Once the almond eye stare, really want to take out to die him.

Want to flounce his fetter, but can not flounce.

“Want to walk?I haven’t had fun enough!”He likes to see her that angry of appearance, his heart, will feel very comfortable.

“You ……you dead abnormal condition of!”Is really an abnormal condition, unexpectedly to woman also thus of engrave(4) thin.

“Woman, you seem the employee of my company?”1 reminds revealing all affairs.

She unexpectedly forgot, she unexpectedly gave offense to a big owner now.

“That how again?Here don’t stay Ye, from have already stayed Ye place!”She didn’t believe that don’t do landlord, there is also no western house, is really funny.

Mens Prada Trainers “Ha ha ……think of pour is easy.Woman, you remember for me, I the sun Che group in Europe doesn’t want of person, another company, can’t want!”He is to attain and miss force-out a person, what it is easy.

“You ……you dead abnormal condition of!”She didn’t thought of that he still competed, she was also just to get alone.

“H’m ……” sun Che in Europe endures that pain and sufferings.

“How?The taste of high-heeled shoes, very good?”The corner of mouth of red Die takes out, that energy, she but run out.

Looking at sun Che in Europe that face that distort, her in the mind is really comfortable.

Sun Che in Europe stabilized emotion first, later day, also very long.He has plenty of time and energy and also has, that most important money!

“The woman gave offense to my sun Che in Europe, will be your whole life to regret most of affair,

He is such as the Satan is similar, look down a bosom in petite of she.

The eye of Dan Feng is lightly confusing, the red Die sees not pure his taste in, exactly have what.But, what she can know with feeling BE, this man, can’t definitely pass her.

“How do you exactly want?”For the sake of the red fire, she at last endured.

Miss her temper of red Die, kill ten thus of he, the all not enough solution annoys.

All these, all for the sake of the red fire of that pit Niang!

Kid.Kid, she really wants to chock to death that red fire now.

Say what a permanent job, big Ye of, be at tie down her completely independent!

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037:One female two male one set drama 4

She is to not realize, but, thought of red fire, she really not ability.【The writing head delivers 】

Sun Che in Europe can threaten hers, is also the affair of work.

Work, but actually true at of is a piece of secret concern of her center of the chest.

that she occupies not very good

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“Kid, how?”The woman is also a spoony, this kid, she sincerely embraces to go home.

“The elder sister of the beauty, you are very beautiful …… just, the Lun house wants to make you help one ……” mouth put on honey similar sweet.

“Help?BE can not find a mummy?”The woman looking at his body side, an adult all have no.Getting lost is afraid!

Looking at a purpose to come to a, the red fire continues to sell beginning.

“The elder sister of the beauty, not yes.The Lun house wants to eat a drumstick, Nu ……I am rich.Just, the Lun house enough doesn’t get to that counter.The beauty elder sister can buy for somebody else ……”take out money of his/her own pocket inside, sadly looking at a woman again,

“Sum ……that elder sister buy for you, you sit first here, all right?”Looking at a kid to want to eat, the but again could not eat of appearance.In her heart, really sad.

Two words don’t say that let the red fire sit down, stand.Toward the part walk pass by.

The red fire sits very happily, he is just not frightened be cheated.That elder sister, in fact none of a points is beautiful.He, also just cheat, the hair has a heart just!

Different meeting, the woman lifted thing back.

“The younger brother of the younger brother comes, the thing liked.The elder sister looking at sundae to pretty eat well of and also bought 1 for you.”Say, the sundae in the handle knob also passes to red fire.

“Thank beauty elder sister, the elder sister person is really good.The mummy said that the good per Authentic Prada Sale son will have a good report.So, the beauty elder sister will also have the boyfriend that loves you very much!”The red fire is used an innocent look in the eyes and kept to straightly looking at a woman.

Woman’s one Leng, can she find out?She has no face, there is no shape.No matter how it is, she still true happy met this little handsome boy.

“The elder sister of the beauty gives you money!”Just she buys thing, didn’t also take money in the his hand.

Woman’s one Leng, this kid is really reasonable.

“The younger brother of the younger brother, this regarding as is an elder sister to invite you to eat well.Go home quickly, the bad person is many now.”Carefully instruct him, packed into money the pocket of the red fire again inside.

“Do not go, beauty elder sister.My mummy said that not the ability white take the other people’s thing!”The red fire again takes out money and filled a chemisette(4) hand in.

“The younger brother of the younger brother, regard as is what elder sister invites you to eat.Like, the elder sister also wants to walk, you also leave quickly!”This reasonable kid, she really likes.
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“That is all right, thank elder sister.That elder sister sees again!”The small hand flicks and gaved something backed to again a , he from think very handsome smiling face.

The red fire a short while goes, show to the red Die.Saying him is how of cleverness, how of popular.How how of, the red Die listenning to just despises him.

She admits that the red fire is long to is one to let the face of people’s crime, but, he is to like to calculate other people.Wear oneself, that lamentable face for the battle!

Being really family misery is really a family misery!What an a small disaster!

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024:Abnormal condition male 3

Don’t know as well where do thick-skinned like this.【Writing head hair 】she swears, her personal conduct really has been all good and sees, affirmation is alwaysthat always don’t strive for noodles and have already had no good red fire daddy!

“Red Die …… red Die ……” is small to leave to looking at red Die with stagnant look, pushed to push her.

“The sum is small to leave, how?”Originally, she sank into recollection again.
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Is small to leave one face of astounded, isn’t that she occupies not very good.

“Red Die, I see you being dazing.How?”It is small to leave to funnily ask.

“, Be free, I think to be some the affairs think of become fascinated.”The red Die embarrassedly says, then smiles.

If without eight ensigns support

Venerdì, Agosto 1st, 2014

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But never add to endow with also not is have no irregularity, most at least everyone’s revenue from tax is getting less, edible satisfied, then at have no planned parenthood of ancient nature can wear a giving birth to of strength kid, the kid more livings more many, originally can also a son’s eating a satisfied food be gradually also getting notter enough, food is god to the people, haven’t satisfied rice, want to rebel naturally, be like Qianlong and he after so much rebel of common people, must say is have this aspect reason.

Certainly, this putting forward the Yong that the stand D goes into an acre in history is hasing way solution, hence after the peaceful times Zi D never adds to endow with, Yin and then at big pure the D making a few experimental units, starting practicing a stand go into the reform of acre.

The agriculture tax declines down, the gradual abundance of the common people.Connect down be change company’s tax!To know that the businessman is the richest more wealthy than landlord.Company’s tax is also the highest while being modern, the Shu is wise naturally don’t forget to bring up this.So after position cans not compare with farmer, the revenue from tax also increased, although it is said the businessmen momentary complaints are heard everywhere, but first, their words powers aren’t high, second, the Yin also gives the businessmen the way out for opening some inshore trades, so had the businessmen of advantage, had already gradually also disappeared quietly.

The problem of these revenue from taxes rescinds mean book, fire to consume to return a male etc. policy on benefit to the people to also put forward one after another after fixing, then has a race policy to change soil to return to flow again, certainly all of these is four the elder brother’s political ambition, but four after elder brother put forward, the Yin sees this reform to there is advantage in the nation, also practice one by one.

Don’t say a race policy first, says those policy on benefit to the peoples and cans not helps the benefits that will injure landlord bureaucrat, so these matters could not accomplish in one move, Yin these prince in years at that Authentic Prada UK moment go, patiently was up a peter side person of, he 1.1:00 change, make experiements first again enlargement, fight for objection voice decline to least, thus several years and more than 10 years, the bottom goes and saw effect before inheriting in the Hong Zhi on the whole.

Certainly, Hui the people can not forget an officer, either, government gifted versatile person ability person and, if an emperor didn’t give your officials who are solid to handle affairs, that heel puppet again where is the difference?The Yin still keeps loving fame very much.Is that he doesn’t love fame and always have a to run with Kangxi and cry about with the benefits that the diagram inhibits Yin to infringe upon them for old minister, this also desperately be not?

So the Yin also started haltering official hierarchy gradually, first be give to be an officer of process a property, not is say that high pay keeps Lian?Processed to first, reduce officials corruption, had already second, also at last won hearts by illegitimate mean.Say again at present the western trade more and more sees result, and ten elder brother Mao foot strength of loot pirate.Nine the elder brother rise to get red in the face of take big pure of’soil Ke Le’try to change the true gold silver of returning to country the outside, and eight the elder brother orchestrate ability too strong, earn back from the coast of rob the money of time don’t too many!Still have the company the tax to constantly and continuously do backing!

There is this bottom.Give to be a rising of officer wages the really small matter is a , the Yin does of that is the bottom to annoy hundred percent!

Processing is still not only, the Yin still specially promoted some long not promoted but able low rank officials.On the civil service exam also particularly last heart, in order to develop more some sincerely facing his minister belong to.

This kind of draws together still very effective of, as for the old minister of those Kangxi dynasties, obedient of immediately after dry, the simply glory that don’t listen to keeps, are you to don’t listen to me?That goes home to take a kid and conveniently go to more Chang spring park to go along with emperor’s father!

The emperor does more longly, the means of Yin is more superb, come down for several years, this domestic affairs are very strict to chase at oneself of hand in.

When to the reform of the people to the officer basic completion later.The hand of Yin finally stretched big pure background-in eight ensign bodies.

The words say to have in the big Manchu Dynasty an ensign book is as just about as the public official of modern, even notter so bad than public official, the birth has a food pay to take, need not stem live and then have to eat for rice.

Otherwise how wait until late pure of time, have so lift more bird cage to have no a matter to go shopping Liu curved hold Gen of eight ensign sonses?

Can this person always more living more many.This will be national can keep, treat after 100 years and after 200 years?Canning living is a for 20 years, a generation a , also have after 200 years ten.Much less this meeting sincerely has no planned parenthood to wear!

Hence realize this, and drive Shu much more wise in the last years Wen Shui cooks frog to generally incite of unbearable Yin finally to eight underneath hands.
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Eight ensigns not move, less than Hahn people because of full person.If without eight ensigns support, this emperor sincerely cannot be.So of Yin can be used to keep in mind a soft method more to come to a little change, first is picked one to send to a coast to ten elder brother’s being to be soldier to take off clothes in clothes is a going of pirate.Then pick again 1 close inside open up wild country a ground of kind food to go!

There aring always that too many foods that living a kid to living entertaining isn’t enough, or too the food and clothing of Wan Mao all worry of the person would like to go!

Finally, the Yin is the military officer school that was more simply to set up, be in the light of to change the principle that won’t change a soldier, develop more the general that can fight more, province eight ensign sons hand goes limp knives all can not lift up.

Certainly, these send military officer school of the natures were nobilities or Zong Shi’s sons, always can not send these touch a skin sons to all let the parents love of the Wans Maos cringing rob or open up wild country!

Send to be a student, in the future do general, listen to also good to listen be not?

blessing Jin once the funeraal affairs lead

Venerdì, Agosto 1st, 2014

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Four blessing Jin face up change color way:”Can so many people if had no a while, don’t make greatly?Say again the Qie body looking at at that timed of, their also being different from is the appearance that heard eight sisters-in-law saying what rubbish.” Four elder brother but have no four blessing Jin so by luck of mental state, he just put to put to say:”This matter is handed over to Ye to do, blessing Jin the tube was optimistic about a house to guard to like gate, if someone curious old eight daughters-in-law at time of death the front said with you what, you press heel two sister-in-law in front say so and back and forth to answer, ten thousand can not really tell others old eight daughters-in-law’s words, remember?” Four blessing Jin lovely ordered to nod and poured to also rise from the heart a heel four the elder brother fought together of courage, she settles a voice in response to the way:”The home hands over to a Qie body, the Ye stops worrying!Saying this mattering Ye again can not blame a Qie body, the Qie body appreciated Ye, and the Qie body couldn’t do again wrong anything to recruit a disaster for Ye.” Four the elder brother sighed tone, muttering way:”Who know again will such!Calculate and led at present this pass first, then say!” From after beating that day, four the elder brother started staying calm and collecteding of the treatment rose produced the person in the building that day, four the elder brother is in fact pretty malicious to slave heart, he ever in order not to the slave of under charge carry lord on the slave of under charge’s back, simply at the in front of full mansion slave give° a small eunuch that secretly asked around den action buried alive in snow to livinged to starve with cold. Kids Prada Trainers So if speaking of is cruel, four the Yin for elder brother to compare with irascible is still really not bad what, especially matter to the time of own life and family possessions, four the elder brother absolutely don’t stay center of palm soft. Therefore, at eight before elder brother come back, these eight slaves in the Ye mansions not is take a wrong step to fall into water be suicide by hanging but Wu, also have that goes to with eight blessing Jins of(certainly, the somebody else isn’t voluntary to see Ren for the one who say Ren), even have in eight Ye mansions to backyard living to get lost.In short eight blessing Jinses this funeral affairs does of also call last unprecedented, whole because of’voluntarily’the Xun bury of the slave is too many, especially that day at produce to wait upon in building of slave, each all the heart contain sorry and ashamed, don’t do for two days in the funeral of eight blessing Jins, an of go with eight blessing Jins, arrive bottom in the underground to wait upon lord son. Good at four elder brother for muddling the issue, the scope of stroke is still very wide.In addition to producing the person in the building that day, even spread to to eight blessing Jin in normal times inside nearby of slave, so that just call a stem ascended main sub- a head of fog water of heart, Be feeling this matter very not in the right and stilling have to feel deeply about eight blessing Jins although the character contains Kui,need oneself’s slave or has much of heart. Mens Prada Shoes Outlet Don’t there is heart, those slave ability a ’s jumping dying of feet be also going to wait upon lord son?Inside in the full capital city, be be emperor, having never also died after and had so many people what pleased Xun bury be not? To this, the Shu is wise naturally also heard, she pours is don’t discover is four the elder brother move of hand, four the elder brother sincerely start to do a matter to come to still have much of ability.The Shu is wise also curious to this matters, the slaves that cannot help but heel confident in own site this day discuss to open. “Ze, this matter is still really evil!In normal times inside that be not to nearby of the slave don’t beat namely scold?Especially those when servant girl of, there is 1 calculating a , want ~only facial appearance ascend a little bit a little more good-looking, always necessary beat and scold?For the main son like this, also worth slave a from sweetly try to commit suicide Xun to bury?This temple how feel not in the right?”The Shu is wise to hold the chin doubt of way. If the whistle son wait persons all wise nearby wait upon in the Shu, this will listen to a wise doubt of Shu, the whistle son first says:”Is to fear eight blessing Jins because of past the business of premature take off not to offend a responsibility!After all they also at last protected a lord at that time dint not, in case of eight the elder brother came back to know and punished their words are also probably.” The Shu is wise the letter way is not:”Is old eight is a friendly person, again be not heel eight blessing Jin feelings deeply arrive indiscriminately of, again parlance not the responsibility is many, ability on the hoof, who want to die?” Whistle son drive Shu the wise this time words say of also interrogative ascend, on the contrary piano son way:”Is afraid to embroil family!If really embroil the words of coming home the person, one dead of also not equal to oneself, beg a loyalty servant of honourable!”(The not yet finished treats continuously) 195_ chapter 195s that is pure to wear a princess four Yes make moves to renew to complete! Mens Prada Trainers 2013 Chapter 196 two greatest tycoons all got sick Is pure to wear a princess 196_ chapter 196 the two greatest tycoons all got sick to come from() Piano son this words acquire many people’s approbation in the Shu’s wise temple, only the Shu is wise to still feel some not in the right places.【100 degree search a member to log on 】but exactly involve eight elder brother of family affairs, the Shu is wise to be not a lot of tubes either, also puzzle some kind of just. Treat eight the elder brother return to city, eight blessing Jin once the funeraal affairs lead, already drive under Kangxi the aim grant to be named a prosperous Hong milk doll also drive eight elder brother to embrace to walk.Eight the elder brother consequently didn’t go with drive, directly stay at in the city, wait don’t arrive in January, the Yin also followed Kangxi’s big troops to return back. All have no as for the matter Yin that difficult eight blessing Jins produce but die as more to ask, anti- pour the Rao has fascination of ask the Shu wise way:”Old eight daughters-in-law at time of death ex- did true make old four daughters-in-laws talk?”

to go an interdictory person

Domenica, Luglio 27th, 2014

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Early in the morning on the second day, the big manager of lately- taken a post Li De whole Lee came right away to send greeting for wise Shu.The Shu is wise to cautiously conjecture Li De Quan’s outlooking, then discover that Kangxi also is as general as Yin , all Yan to control!Li De Quan of lo is this person, emasculationed, so growing is particularly white delicate, eyes although it is said don’t calculate greatly, but the small eye has absolute being!Mouth meat meat of, nose meat meat of, smile and specially and easily be infected person, plank rise the face return ability from become a Wei power.The talented person shouts! “Get up!You have to remember to cautiously wait upon prince Ye hereafter, if prince Ye has what do of not appropriate place, you also want to devote to admonish.If have what unable to do lord of business, may well also return originally temple.惇 Originally the palace usually have Zhan Shi Fu the officials to run about, you see they slice can not too Gu Ao, but also can not too humble, the proper restraint of noodles must hold here accurate, can not allow people to say a prince the slave within temple take advantage of power to bully people, can not let, either small lo of people go!Know?” The Shu is wise although instruct thus, she believes Li De Quan’s ability in heart bottom.Don’t say that Li De Quan is the person whom Kangxi delivers, says that he is a big pure Gan temple manager in the future, enough make the Shu wise Be getting rester assured. Do the words say that the prince cans also be more high-maintenance than Kangxi?All of Li De originally but Kangxi’s person! All of Li Des hears wise words of Shu behind polite of should BE, then be just been wise to flick to back by the Shu, from seek Yin to go. But this day, damn of positive lord Suo sum the diagram told a disease at home and left to be subjected to person’s attention in the party in government of Yin .Certainly, we the Yin is not a good-tempered person either, if which big minister see his several more eyes, protect quasi- he the small look in the eyes of that threat for a while sweeping of the Sou past.The big minister that can arrive the sharp look in the eyes of prince Ye on the imperial government, didn’t°yet several!(is pure to wear a princess of 78 chapters) Mens Prada Shoes UK Result till the last, leave greatly elder brother smile don’t smile of looking at him, keep the Yin tooth Yang of spirit Yang. Very not easy bottom dynasty, the Yin jilts dress to put and twists a head to walk.However is big elder brother in front the one step blocked him and chuckled to say:”Short oil, prince Ye so quickly walks and does what go to?Tidy up a mess for princess?” The Yin is cold to hum a , inclined big elder brother’s one eye rise head way:”The family affairs of Gu when want to be big did the elder brother come to take care of?Is big elder brother still hold firmly to give birth to a boy go to!If really living not to come out, the Gu doesn’t mind to send you some beauties of, can the princess be just liking to send a woman this to have a loving matter recently!” Is big did the elder brother immediately be choked, send beauty?Haven’t sent sufficient Mie? The Yin suddenly discovers the Shu is wise this advantage that recruit, he is thin to smile to see big elder brother’s paint palette similar facial expression, hum a proud head leave-taking bird for sticking out chest! Slip away to reach of return to 惇 originally palace, the Yin saw old 10 years old distressed thousand times of Suo sum diagram grand uncle Suo wait for over there.The step of Yin , but soon exceed to open a step to walked into.Is positive such as him anticipate, he just just once exceeded threshold to enter 惇 this palace, see a Suo sum the diagram absorb to absorb a nose, wretched wail rang out and cried of that tears Hua Hua of, let people smell of sad absolutely shed tears! ‘Come to come, the grand uncle came to cry about again.You say that you learn who not good?Don’t learn what Sung male clear?’The Yin sadly saw one eye Suo sum diagram, rounding of caution walked to the prince to fall in the throne over him. “Bearer establishes for Suo adult.”Yin shouted tone, thus order way. Li De was all very quick and then maded to the small eunuch expression of eyes, let people move a chair to come over. Suo sum the diagram continue to cry after sitting, the side cries him return the side sue in court, suing in court is rare his vomit a word clear, expression coherent, sob at 1:00 of the voices all disappear, really is cry about of one Dou private. “Prince Ye!You want to make decision for the slave!Princess has gone too far in insult!Lo she sends to of the woman, slave an almost toss about of lift house roof ……”the Suo sum diagram Xu Xu Dao speaking of of Dao those chemisettes make a Teng strength, while also having white to sincerely send a person overbearing domineering appearance, said that full capital cities all see the fact of his joke again, finally form form loyalty of their family to Yin , but change the Shu is wise thus of treat, have how and how tremble with fear and so forth(pure wear a princess of chapter 78 not to be taunted, hide first!Contents). The Yin brain Ren painfully listenned to along while, don’t know how of, suddenly and specially want to smile.The Yin wished:Who make you send a beauty to still pick to the Gu the remaining?Deserved it you! Men Prada Trainers “Like, don’t cry!”The Suo sum diagram is after all the best confident of Yin , although it is said the beauty’s business Yin the pretty hate of, however want the Suo sum of past again diagram for liking him, and then want the Shu is wise to vigorously toss about to the dead of the Suo sums diagrams, hence the in the mind is also getting more equilibrium, so Yin this advises tone not bad, pretty moderate! However the Suo sum diagram obviously isn’t to make to go an interdictory person, on the contrary, the superior whom he is in fact an agreeable pole to climb.This meeting he from think is discommoded of is him, and and China kindly don’t deal with, hence the in the mind intends also like, say what also want to ruthlessly tell wise one form of Shu, if could tell wise Shu to pour, that just good! So the Suo sum diagram cans not help doing not stop and on the contrary cried saderly. The patience of Yin is limited, he sees a Suo sum the diagram Be getting more endless, hence once eyes stare, once the palm clap, harsh voice drink a way:”Do not cry!”

pour to cry for whole person

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Chapter 123 successfully forbids failure Eight blessing Jin of getting lost got slave to catch up the knob cobalt Lu surname.(is pure to wear a princess chapter 123 successfully forbid to fail a contents)Is exactly the show that went into two to choose at this time the females just went into the time of temple, so the knob cobalt Lu surname body up still takes big package.Short oil, wealth not magnate again not beautiful also don’t know to spend the knob cobalt Lu young girl that the silver bribes small eunuch, oneself who can have mercy on to expect Ba carried baggage. Eight blessing signed Ma Pie after calling on Pie mouth, wished this blessing Jin whole life to have no oneself to once carry baggage, with small servant girl.The small eunuch that takes a brigade also surprise, he has never thought to run into eight blessing Jins on the road, it is said that that this is a tigress, in the mansion have no little take eight the elder brother take out whip son to have fun. Mens Prada Shoes UK The small eunuch thoughts of relevant eight blessing Jin the young tiger is fierce of those hearsay, the small body plank signs a horse to tremble, he cringes to kneel to pour in the ground, the Ke Ke expects Ba of say:”Give give to please for 888 blessing Jin.” Eight blessing Jin have been looking at the vision of the knob cobalt Lu surname and scatter to the small eunuch is a , thinking of in the mind woe:Did the temple inside when want stammer eunuch?This must fill how many silvers just let into a temple?The wretchedness sees of, still have to emasculation, the men all don’t become. The stomach Fei of eight blessing Jins just for an instant, she is very quick and then be drawn on for the knob cobalt Lu young girl that she sends greeting past.The knob cobalt Lu surname is this openings, the magic power is the Ceng Ceng upwards rising of the Ceng.Have no it, this virgin voice is too good to listen, tinkling pleasing of, is like a lark. “The maidservant pleases eight blessing Jin Anne.” A so very short, eight blessing Jins listenned to become addicted.She is utmost to peep out and the facial expression of Xun, is moderate and of say:”Rise!Which house are you ?” Know perfectly well past ask(123 chapters that is pure to wear a princess)! But the knob cobalt Lu surname presses a root to have never thought oneself already famous to this extent, her droop wear head, peep out one pure white neck son of cutting, the eyes half Zheng half shuts.The calf belly slightly cringes and also bent on having keeps calm, can not throw a person like small eunuch, for keeping this degree be a difficult knob cobalt Lu young girl. She deeply absorbs tone and read several times in the heart the strain not isn’t nervous hereafter.This just t Prada Shoes Online he Zhan wear a sound time way:”Maidservant four article Dian instrument the officer traverse the female of pillar, the knob cobalt Lu surname.” Ah!The voice is good to listen is that the sky grant, even if this virgin Zhan the sound Be also similar to is pleasing.Eight blessing Jin wishes if return to her lane.Wait in the evening heel eight the elder brother roll a bed sheet on pulling a light, is the magic power of this voice not Ceng Ceng upwards rise, will can’t rob to ownly spoil? You really worried needlessly.You the basic wood have now’spoil’not very good? But although intend to attack on one’s own initiative to eight the elder brother seek the knob cobalt Lu surname that has blessing most back.Can eight blessing Jin also not is don’t feel jealous of, contrary, she early intends to lend stomach to living son and stays son to the mother.But after listenning to the voice of the knob cobalt Lu surname, eight blessing Jin some don’t wish, in case of eight the elder brother really ascended to the knob cobalt Lu surname heart, when the time comes after protecting this peaceful production, she not is have never got to mix? So say to have no woman is don’t feel jealous, eight blessing Jins this meeting just listenned to the knob cobalt Lu surname saying two words.This vinegar strength smoked sky. “!~~Have never listenned to!”Eight blessing Jin, who envies, starts sparing no effort of snuff out the rival in love of crazy idea, indeed as expected the head of the knob cobalt Lu surname is low to be getting more lower, this kid hears this kind of words for the first time.Fight a person really too.Is incognizant incognizant!Don’t why and not want to speak?Don’t do person the honor too much. Eight blessing Jin wished and trampled is your face.Does the doing hair the honor do one the honor? “Raise head to let this blessing Jin lo lo!”Trample perfect person not to satisfy, eight blessing Jin continues way. The knob cobalt Lu young girl Tan Te raise a head, that mediocre side permitted to sign a horse to reflect the eyelid of going into eight blessing Jins.Indeed as expected, eight blessing Jin is like an evil female to go together with similar come to humiliate a kind female lord, her Gao Gao of proud beginning, seemed to give to similarly see one the eye knob cobalt Lu surname, close behind abusive word way:”Grow up can also go into a primary election so?Is difficult don’t become this year’s show female is this level?Lo lo, lo lo, fat on the body of heel pig, eyes are small of heel bean, the mouth is thick to become so is eat a hot pepper to eat many?Still have you this clothes to dress up, the whole one civilian!(is pure to wear a princess chapter 123 successfully forbid to fail a contents)” The knob cobalt Lu surname cried quickly, even the small eunuches of one side all observe a moment of silence Men Prada Trainers for her, eight elder brother this year talent show’s wanting to choose all of a few businesses of a keep women is persons all without exception know, the small eunuch sees eight blessing Jins, this appearances, sign a horse to think eight blessing Jin is have fire have no place hair, the knob cobalt Lu young girl is unlucky to urge of just run into her. Be getting more devoid of any merit what person devaluated, the stuffy air of eight blessing Jin chests was regarded as some.But close behind she thoughts of the knob cobalt Lu surname of like, the words say that she originally comes to seduce the knob cobalt Lu surname of to?How anti- pour to cry for whole person? Eight blessing Jins are a bit displeased, she tries to a dissatisfied temper recently the control more and more didn’t live, must change, have to get to change!The face of eight blessing Jins is like the sky in June and said to change and then change.A moment of the front she still supercilious despise of devaluate the person to the dust, descend a moment to be like the sister similar benignity of scattering several years of say to the knob cobalt Lu surname:”Oh how

Shu is wise to took a look in advance

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White sincerely way:”Hears to is an abrupt death, the concrete reason slave hasn’t found out.”

The Shu was wise to put to put a hand order of way:”Calculate and turn head again find out!You go first to seek prince Ye and tell prince Ye 1 this matter.If prince Ye immediately starts to go to elder brother even if, if the words that don’t go, you somehow advise prince Ye for this temple, whole brothers personal relationship.”

White sincerely should one kept on backing.

And the Shu is wise to also wait a person in the whistle son of wait upon under quickly changed to like clothes.

Wait wise group of people of Shu to arrive elder brother, see Yin have been already arrived.The Shu is wise to far away toward the blessing of Yin blessing body, then just turns round into inside the hall, she has already heard the voice of crying of proper imperial concubine in the outside, 11 the elder brother is the proper imperial concubine’s pediatric son, the pediatric son has no, be sum Niang of again have where can can be subjected to?(The not yet finished treats continuously)

Chapter 100 the elder brothers grasp the history in week(six more)

11 the elder brother’s Shang died to ascend to the whole Forbidden City cover the 1 F Yin cloud, because 11 the elder brother haven’t become adult, the funeral not and greatly does, should only imperial concubine’s mother and child Mens Prada Trainers UK sincerely for 11 the elder brother cry a , then pack Lian to lift Ji cave to bury so much.(is pure to wear princess’ chapter 100 the history(six more) contents in week of grasping of the elder brotherses)

11 the elder brother’s cause of death wise to Shu this princess come to say also not is what secret, the Yin is as early as to tell her on that day, according to cure to say too much because a day ago ten thousand lives chase 11 elder brother to tired, be partial to 11 the elder brother’s health condition more add not good, the cook arrive evening rise don’t come.

Elder brother of slave how don’t devote as well, the maid-in-waiting keeping night watching directly slept to die in the past, 11 the elder brother had an accident nobody to also discovered, wait on seeing in the morning, can the person not have no?

Hear 11 the elder brother’s slaves all the Xun buried, the Shu is wise not from think, whether these slaves is Xun’s burying is sincerely really the whole persons of Forbidden cities to all know.Sees more add recently efficient don’t dare and neglect a lord of the slaves of son knew.

Is a the elder brother had no, the day still kept once shining on.

Eight the elder brother greatly marry of lucky day also choose good, is exactly mid- October, not calculate early also not calculate night of.The Hui is fine to also return to Anne of Wang Fu, the pediatric female who hasn’t got married had better disappear noodles, the this matter old ancestor spreads down of rules.Certainly, full men are all a , this rules is Hahn people of be still full person also the nobody cared.(is pure to wear princess’ chapter 100 the history(six more) contents in week of grasping of the elder brotherses)

On April 24, welcomed the infant’s crying for voice again in the Forbidden City.Four blessing Jin struggled all day long and finally peacefully produce next four the elder brother’s Di eldest son.Kangxi’s dark the face in more than a months up also laughed, he was early early of took for this baby to like name, at little infant full moon that day, the name of Hong Hui is granted by Kangxi under.

Four the elder brother is sincerely happy, the little infant resembles him, body and then Kang Jian, Kangxi still granted in person.Have a look all is let four the elder brother steal to smile of matter, so this often the year hang four Yes of iceberg face all over the body of air temperature also rapid ascension.

Four blessing Jin after sitting month after giving birth also specially in person come thank the Shu is some kind of wise, the Shu was stillwise to still pretty feel suspicious at that time, until four blessing Jin wriggle to knead of thank the Shu is wise to present her to send a son view of sound after, the Shu is wise just suddenly realize.

This four sisters-in-law return stand feudalism superstition of.Seeing the appearance has already believed before a concerning passing on a message of Shu wise good life.Canning wear her to born a son to still record wise one of Shu is good, it is that the Shu is wise to start to anticipate to pour don’t and of.

Four blessing Jin come previous, the Yu celebrates a temple to also have a great event.That is the Hong Zhi small the elder brother’s first anniversary.

Is relevant to grasp the business of life ambition that the week decides future, the Yin specially thinks grea Womens Prada Shoes tly of.The Shu is wise but how don’t concern, compare her to believe my life more from me not from sky.How does a person’s destiny in fact and more want to see effort that that person does.But isn’t old sky of to decide you in the future how you ability how of.

So originally the Shu being not a feudalism dynasty to produce is wise, see towards grasping a week this kind of superstition of activity should only fun.But the Yin really ascends the circumstance of heart under, the Shu is wise to also have to interfere with more, most at least she can not make the rouge this type of again joss-stick again brilliant colors beautiful article Chan in the middle of grasping the product in week, in case small Ji Tai a rouge that sees beautiful United States enjoy grasping of Dian Dian again.

The Shu is wise and then really should cry when the time comes.

The affair has no Shu wise think so complicatedly, temple inside the articles in week of grasping of the elder brotherses is all unified preparation by domestic affairs mansion.But Hong Zhi this is again specially what Kangxi grants down, the Shu is wise to took a look in advance, discovers those books arrows what of.It is all what pure gold creates.Even that very small official seal is also a gold Can the pure gold of the Can, the Dian is one Dian weight.Also give

bag was low of quick arrive chest

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“Ye!Long time no see!”On entering bedchamber, the Shu was wise and then sawed embrace the son’s Yin , she ha ha smile a blessing body to salute, the corner of mouth takes to smile of say.

The Yin smells speech once turn a head as well and unexpectedly knit the brows a way after seeing wise short while of Shu:”How to have an aftercare to unexpectedly sit thin?”

The Shu is wise to walk to two father and sons nearby, helplessly say:”Again fat next go to a Qie body become pig, lose to have what not good?Say that what you compared is to produce an ex- Qie body again?Could the Qie body still keep in mind a kid at that time, wasn’t the ability fat?Would not° until compare you also should everywhere Qie body pregnancy front to, if heel at that time compare of words, can the Qie body be still fat now!”
Mens Prada Trainers UK The saying Shu was wise to knead to knead meat on belly of meat, depressedly say:”The Qie body should reduce weight, lo lo, can knead meat meat.”

The Yin loses to say with smile:”Is a little bit fat nothing important also, anyway the Gus all see become accustomed to.”

The words of Yin are sincere talks, however the Shu is wise didn’t listen to.She knows himself/herself by herself, still bear come after, although she has never grown the line of Ren Chen that kind of terrible thing, the belly is loose loose of is fact.This can get to hurriedly change, otherwise roll a bed sheet she also has no confidence!

“Like, don’t say this, the hour also shall arrives soon, preparing should walk.”The Yin sees Shu wise always wrinkly the eyebrow see her that belly, hence the helpless openings says.

The Shu is wise should a , pick up baby from the bosom of Yin , side to outside walk side to ask a way:”Sweat can the Ma when come back?Can have been already believed?”

The Yin answers a way:”Be getting quicker, also in a couple of days!Originally think sweat can the Ma rush through to come back the full moon Yan of taking part in the baby, only quasi- Ga Er an even, Mongolia and there still need to pacify to cruise to see, this consumed time.However sweat Ma also said, the full moon Yan could not take part in and waited the time of the first anniversary of our son and certainly want and take part in in person.Don’t know that our son’s catching can grasp in week as well what, is the Gu very expectant!”(The not yet finished treats continuously)

Chapter 85 sends to walk Hong for morning

Full moon Yan this trifle is basically all almost identical, if say a baby this temple inside most cow bye small what different place does the elder brother’s full moon Yan have?The Shu is wise private to think also however is that the gift being many, accepting comer is big, flatter words Be good to listen to is some just.(is pure to wear princess’ chapter 85 to sen Prada Trainers d to walk Hong the contents is for morning)In fact really don’t buy what new pattern, the hot jollification makes of also lead.

And our small elder brother’s expressing is really not vulgar, he doesn’t miss his Lao Tze the Yin is all day long similar cow 13 coax, but saw handsome boy’s beauty to come right away have no Chi it smile, certainly be controling Yan to carry on exactly.

Certainly, this lets those facial expression a little bit a little more ferocious person Be some to be getting more embarrassed.The person who O.K. can take part in full moon Yan in addition to Suo sum diagram this type of old headman that grew wrinkly skin outside, youth of and all enough seeing of middle age of, basic promise small elder brother the frequency of mouth than classic the frequency of Jue mouth so on raising, condition’s pouring is very harmonious.

The always ready to smile child recruits a person rare shout, at present the person of Kua is getting more more.What Yin listens to is to greatly order its head, the Shu was wise but wanted ear to rise a cocoon.(is pure to wear a princess of 85 chapters)

The car Mao Lu words back and forth say that can have a little intention close!~

The favour lived greater half for sky, the full moon Yan finally ended.The Shu is wise to feel small elder brother heel in the Yin after death the one step is far, a the three people slips away to reach of return to Yu to celebrate a temple side palace.Which know this just on entering a house, see a house exact center uncannily put a chair, but small Hong Xi positive two legses swayed to leisurely wear to sit on the chair and stretched neck to outside saw!

Came back at the sight of the Yin , Hong Xi two eyes a bright, once turned round to slip away for a while from than he tall chair up climbed down, waited him is turning after death, and then saw the Shu that the heart heart reads wise, hence this small guy even sent greeting to all forget, opened arm Sa to wear a joys of rush wise Shu nearby, hug wise thigh of Shu to pretend to cry a way:”Sum Niang~~you go to which?”
Prada Trainers For Men
The Shu is wise to intimidate first a to jump.Is close behind Be getting iner distress situation, she bent the body to devastate the cerebellum bag of Hong Xi and said with the tone of coaxing the kid:”The sum Niang gave birth to a younger brother for small Hong Xi to go to, this not is come back!”

The Hong Xi Ning wears body not to depend on a way:”Don’t younger brother, want sum Niang.Want sum Niang.”

This child hasn’t waited to tie up Shu wise promise, empress the neckband was clenched from the behind by the Yin .The Yin carried Hong Xi to arrive in the moment, the handsome eyebrow seriously said on picking:”Forbid to say this kind of words again!”

Want to say Yin , these two concubine’s sons and then didn’t be not afraid of his.The Hong Xi and Hong morning pours is tie up Shu wise tie up tightly, but on running into Yin , saw cat with rat.Talk all small voice thin spirit.Fear one to say not to, the Yin doesn’t scold mercilessly them is a dozen of spankings.

So this meeting of the subconscious of Hong Xi was by hand protected a bottom, the cerebellum bag was low of quick arrive chest, stuffy stuffily say:”H’m, don’t say.”

“Like, have you so to the kid?Let go of for Hong Xi quickly, don’t the Lei wear his neck.”Shu wise this fireman just as since go toward of put out Yin , this small flame.

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